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Why have we extended so much or overstretched
Why do we feel frustrated and our dreams wrecked?
Have we grown so much obsessive and materialistic?
Do we not care about real world and remain static?

All answer is in yes and we got to consider it seriously
Complete thing stands vindicated and to be understood obviously
Either we remain contended with whatever we have
Or stands exposed in eyes and strangely behave

We want to become millionaire without hard work overnight
We want to have smooth way without making so flight
This is all we are doing everyday in our day to day dealing
It has absence of kind touch which is needed for healing

We endure no pain and get excited at little setback
We become overenthusiastic at sudden come back
We don’t take it casually and surrender to the tendency
The moral fabric is lost and has increased its frequency

Nothing may prevail or last long if there is no mental peace
Life can’t become normal if we don’t live at ease
Everything has to be given go bye and must cease
We may feel elated with the source of new energy release

Even if we go for the things which are not destined for
You will have nothing on hand or might have seen before
It will have its own course and is bond to happen
Fruits to may not have yellow color if they are not ripen

Rejoice and participate in the thing at natural way
Not to worry much and any attention got to pay
It will have its own impact and make swing
We may be able to fly even with crippled wing

Let it go in natural way and feel the joy
Have your own way and completely enjoy
It may take you to the world of your own
Where there is no pain and no one can disown

John Knight 22 March 2010

Hi Hasmukh - A very interesting and philosophic poem. V 1 Highlights the fact that 21st C Man is very materialistic and also very dissatisfied with what he has. V 2 The Holy Scriptures say 'Godliness with contentment is great gain'. V 3 We need to consider the situation of the AVERAGE MAN in the World. He has so litle compared with what we have in the UK. A comparison woulld soon make us 'Count our Blessings' for what we take for granted. V 4 A soft life erodes our resisitance and 'The moral fibre is lost'. V 5 In order to have less stress and a degree of mental peace we need to be less of the 'Now Generation' and take a long - term view. V 6 Ambition is a good thing - but it needs to be in persective. V 7 'Rejoice and participate in the thing in the natural way'. We need to take some risk - but we can't fly - remember Icarus. V 8 What great advice and what a great ending 'Doing what comes naturally'. Joy - self fulfillment - satisfaction - no pain - no rejection - So let it be.. Thanks for sharing. yours in poetry - JOHN.

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jimmy zepp 22 March 2010

At first, God said; Let it be light...and there was light...Genesis... And so is the basis of all your questions, for us as mortals, and that's how it must be...So let it be, and may God help us... A masterpiece of true reality... 10+++

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Emma Adamyan 22 March 2010

let me express it this way... u could put in rhyme sth that in general is hard to say

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Lady Grace 21 March 2010

good write...nicely done..we must have honesty in all our answers so that we will not be misunderstood...but are u sure that the qustions are asked in a right manner? hope so....

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