All Because You Love Me Poem by Katherine Ng Li Hoon

All Because You Love Me

Rating: 5.0

Because of your love, I will not die and wither.
Because you love me I will not be gone and disappear in thine air.
Without your love there will be no flowers in spring and no warmth in summer.
Without your love the trees will not turn their leaves golden and shed their leaves in autumn,
There will be no beautiful snowing in winter.

You hold my hands so that I can reach up to the sky.
I felt blessed because I was love by you.
You are my mouth when I could not speak.
You are my ears when I could not hear.
You are my eyes when I could not see.

You lift my spirit up when I fell down.
Because of your love I could stand up again.
You are my legs when I cannot stand up on my own
You gave me the best in this world.

With you love I can withstand the cold torments of this cruel world.
You are my one and only true love.
Without your love I could not survive the intense trauma of life.
I live well because of your love for me.
With your tender love I survive throughout.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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