A Warrior Of Love Poem by Katherine Ng Li Hoon

A Warrior Of Love

Rating: 5.0

I do know what is true love.
I do not know what is to live for.
Until you came into my love life.
You inspired me to live and to love on.

I have not know how to write a poem.
I do not know how to whisper sweet nothing.
Till i lost you and was alone.
Your inspiration led me to everything.

I do not feel love like I love you before.
I do not vow to be true to whoever.
Only because i love you therefore.
You cause me to become a warrior of love forever.

If i do not receive any love from you.
If we do not meant to be together again in life now and then.
Then let me dream about you.
I do not want to wake up from my dream but to dream on and on.

Kristin F 08 January 2009

i love this writing! so full of emotions. love it!

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Blue Eyes 27 December 2008

love is talked about everywhere and u said it all the good and the bad.i like ur poem its very nice.

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Kholekile Monakali 03 September 2008

you should never give up to someone you always about him/er each and every moment of a day., ......well done.

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