The Longing For You Poem by Katherine Ng Li Hoon

The Longing For You

Rating: 5.0

I long to look into your warm eyes again.
I love to see your cute face once more.
I long to cuddle you when I see you again.
I love to kiss you when we meet once more.

What i ask from god is to see you once only.
All I ask from lord is to talk to you again.
What I want from him to look into your eyes once only.
Alll i ask from him is to hear your voice again.

In life, I have nothing to long for,
but to see you again.
In thought, I have nothing to miss for,
but to meet you again.

My love please pray together with me.
Let us see each other again like we first met.
My love, please make a wish with me for my longing for you.
May we meet each other again like we first met.

Blue Eyes 20 September 2008

this kind of love is why we all still having hearts willing to fight for love and for keeping it.

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Tanya Stanford 16 August 2008

Is the person you love still alive? It sounds to me that you have lost your loved one. Sad poem but well written

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