Katherine Ng Li Hoon Poems

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My Unique Lover

Despite against all odds,
Despite my broken heart,
Despite my longing for you,
No one deserve my love like you do.

Where Are You My Love?

My love, where are you?
I would not like to remembering when we part.
My love, do you know I miss you?
I could not bear to think about the hurt.

You Are Forever My Love

MY love, I love you so deeply.
I love your sweet angel voices.
I love your sparkling tender eyes.
When you look at me affectionately.

A Warrior Of Love

I do know what is true love.
I do not know what is to live for.
Until you came into my love life.
You inspired me to live and to love on.


Is it destiny that we met?
Like thunder and lightning we click each other.
Is it destiny that we parted?
Like heaven and earth we miss each other.

Waiting And Endurance

I think of you when the sun is out,
I think of you when the sun is right above.
I think of you when the sun is sitting on the horizon,
I pray for your safety and well being.

Pleasures Of Life

Life is a simple pleasure,
surrounded with flowers blooming and birds singing.
Poems are the greatest leisure,
filled by expressive emotions and beautiful wordings.

The Longing For You

I long to look into your warm eyes again.
I love to see your cute face once more.
I long to cuddle you when I see you again.
I love to kiss you when we meet once more.

Love Me With Your Heart And Soul

Standing high up on the mountain
I could look above the deep blue sky
All I need is someone like you
to show me what wonders can true love do.

Missing You Always

The letter 'N' stands for you.
The letter 'K' stands for me.
Together they mean 'love'.
Apart they spelt 'miss'.

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