Destiny Poem by Katherine Ng Li Hoon


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Is it destiny that we met?
Like thunder and lightning we click each other.
Is it destiny that we parted?
Like heaven and earth we miss each other.

Is it destiny that we are made for each other?
Like the poles of a magnet attracted together.
Is it destiny that we had lost each other?
Like the world vanishing to nether.

My love, can we meet again?
Can heaven be kind to seal us again?
Can we pray to god to unite us again?
Can lord make this unity a everlasting one?

Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele 30 December 2008

Katherine - Can destiny be only the realization of our wants and desires posted on the universal bulletin, as you have done so here? Blessings to you - Cheryl

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Kholekile Monakali 03 September 2008

we either find a way or make it, you have got your way and I have my way no one is wrong or right as long as they will take us to our final destination........what a prodigy poem.

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Blue Eyes 30 July 2008

really nice similies u used, i love the poem.''u believe in destiny '' this poem also brings that question to minds.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 26 July 2008

God's will, we'll meet my dear.and that's destiny!

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What a lovely poem. It is full of emotion that can be made into a story.

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