All I Wanted Poem by Susheela Alexiose

All I Wanted

Rating: 5.0

All I wanted was a gentle touch
Wrapped with love and care
All I wanted was to hear
A whisper in my ear
That you love me, don't fear.

A strong arms to protect me
A chest for me to hug
A shoulder for me to rest

Alas! all I got was just the opposite
All these years of my life
A huge gap has formed
Between you and me
A huge vacuum has developed
In my heart so deep
As it craved what it lacked
And was broken into bits and pieces

Being alone is the greatest pain
A soul can endure
Being cheated is the greatest ache
Any being can handle
Being neglected by own
Makes a person different altogether

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Dev Anand 10 November 2018

A strong arms to protect me A chest for me to hug A shoulder for me to rest....whispering im the ear.very fine sensual poem. dev

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Dr Antony Theodore 06 November 2018

gentle touch whisper in the ear, But alas a huge vacuum.. relationships and its problems, marited life, love, expectation and desires........ sense of loss, struggle and pain....... very well you have noted all these in your poems.. thanku dear poetess. tony

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Solomon Senxer 02 November 2018

Wow! I certainly don't understand the context of this poem, but I could identify myself to this emotional expression to some extent! Thank you for putting it in words beautifully!

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Jaya J 30 October 2018

I wanted to put a sad face emoji not realizing poets express their emotions in words not in emojis

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