Susheela Alexiose Poems

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Can't Stop Myself From Loving You

Can't stop myself from loving you
As I think of your love
It soothes my heart
And bring tears of joy

Come To Me

Come to me
When the stars adorn the sky
To adorn my life

My Daddy

You were my hero Daddy
My most handsome dad
I looked up to you for everything
From the smallest to the greatest

You Are My Love

If I could just find some place
In solitude and grace
If I could just throw myself
To my love, my life and my groom

Do Not Ask Me

Do not ask me
How much do I love you
I still do not know how deep is the sea

How I Yearn!

How I yearn to be yours
In your presence,
In the warmth of your love!

How Long

Till death separates us
You will always be my love
As I remember the joy on your face
When you first saw me

Give Me A Song

Lord give me a song
To touch hearts
Lord give me a song
To change lives


Your smile opens up the gate of joy for me
Your laugh adds melody to it
Your voice makes me glad
As I know my love is near

My Beautiful Red Rose

You are my beautiful red rose
which adorns my heart
and gives fragnance to my life

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