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I was a vagabond until they took me in,
I was scared when my first day was to begin,
They said, "Everything's alright."
They named me Jawa, which I took cheerfully.

You look for money,
I look for people;
You are paid for your job,
My work drained all I've got.

Satan works all the time. (He works outside)
When I was praying, he was not intimidated
When I was resting, he did not give up
When I was sleeping, he was not complacent

Five years ago in the wood stood I,
I shall be telling this with a sigh,
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in the wood, and I-

Billions of people are on Facebook
Are they in the book of life (Lifebook) ?
Thousands of users increasing in the former,
Numbers of people missing in the latter.

The field is ripe and yellow
Willing and desirous I am to go
The sun is high up in the sky
Scores of men ahead as I look with a sigh.


The trees that grow in a forest unnamed
Full of wonders but without a notice
They do not live for a name or the fame
Every day without a hesitation

Should I be confident?
Oh! No! I have grown weary.
Should I listen to my heart?
Oh! No! It is deceitful!

I cannot compare my anguish to others
For I believe theirs are greater than mine
But even mine, I cannot handle it,
Yet I long to help carry others' burden.

Last week
Got sick -
Right tooth
Left foot

Does my Lord ascend from the Mount Olivet?
Must I ascend from the Mount Himalaya?
Without fields to plow, no souls to bring, I fret.
The prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah

(Make sense of this poem as you like)

"You have wandering eyes, my dear!
Why should you when I've been so near?


You know that I know I don't deserve this,
You know that I know I shouldn't expect it.
I know that you know this to me is a bliss,
Though this is too surprising to accept it.

E - Enter the
N - Narrow
G - Gate of
L - Life

How do you believe
That you don't want to believe?
Well, I speak to myself and act like I'd believed.

I have tried a lot of time

To compose poems that do rhyme

"He Has Lived His Life To The Full"
Is the Epitaph I want to write on his Gravestone,
And on the Hearts of all his Friends, Near and Dear Ones.

Tonight, I'm all alone,
Loneliness, who have not known?
Even a heart that is hard as stone,
Would melt, and cry in a groan,

Last night I listened to Costi Hinn,
The strange nephew of Benny Hinn.
Benny Hinn, a filthy rich heretic,
Costi Hinn moved away, not a lunatic.

He lets you go but with a long long rope;
Not to pull you back, nor to control you,
But to let you find your way back home,
If you get lost out there!

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A common man ordinary Christian. Striving to be faithful and be fruitful to the Grace of God. Currently a blogger at Help Think https: //, and A Quest https: // Takes pleasure in composing poems, writing articles, explaining truth claims, etc.)

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Jawa The Loved Unloved

I was a vagabond until they took me in,
I was scared when my first day was to begin,
They said, "Everything's alright."
They named me Jawa, which I took cheerfully.
I greeted them lovingly and gratefully
In the morn, noon, and at night.

I thought they were angels
To help, and accommodate me!
I was wild, scruffy, and shabby,
Yet they chose me among many.
Never knew why they favored me,
I swore to be loyal.

Like the luck that came upon me,
Fate came to kick in misery -
A mysterious object wounded me!
They looked in pity, but couldn't help me.
Yes, why would they spend a dime
For a poor service like mine?

Undressed wound delighted flies in hum,
Rotten and stinky I had become.
I pled for my thirst to quench,
They could not withstand my stench,
They ordered me to get away,
With them, I could no longer stay.

I knew no door no gate would welcome me,
Even in my heyday, it was just me.
Yet I was hopeful against hope,
That they would let my pain to stop,
Before I close my eyes to silence,
For they were the group of great prudence.

Oh! I was just being ignorant!
To get rid of me they resort to violence,
I had become their notorious annoyance,
That I could never comprehend!
"Where are their former goodness and compassion? "
I wondered but dared not question their action.

I looked at them in disbelief and in tears,
They had been those I loved most in all sincerity.
The best days of my life were with them,
How could I just get away from those so dear?
I decided not to question their integrity,
I would rather blame the fate than them.

Painful, starving, dying I had been.
Yearned for a yard where I wouldn't be seen.
Shower of stones would be upon me,
Once I wandered out in open plains.
I lay down under a jackfruit tree,
Closed my eyes to forget all the pains.

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'Loving someone does not mean you get to marry her; Loving someone does not mean you have to marry her.'

'Indeed, ‘giving' is well deserved to be received! It reveals more the character of the giver than the condition of the one who received! '

'Surely yes, a brother in Christ forever! Could we be friends on Earth forever? '

'Details may not be seen, all the signals may not be green; nonetheless, one should not get stuck in between'

"The ending will be the same as the beginning if you choose to battle with irrational people! "

'The only candle is gone with the wind; maybe, the daylight will come after the wind! '

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