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Can't stop myself from loving you
As I think of your love
It soothes my heart
And bring tears of joy

Come to me
When the stars adorn the sky
To adorn my life

You were my hero Daddy
My most handsome dad
I looked up to you for everything
From the smallest to the greatest

If I could just find some place
In solitude and grace
If I could just throw myself
To my love, my life and my groom

Do not ask me
How much do I love you
I still do not know how deep is the sea

How I yearn to be yours
In your presence,
In the warmth of your love!

Till death separates us
You will always be my love
As I remember the joy on your face
When you first saw me

Lord give me a song
To touch hearts
Lord give me a song
To change lives


Your smile opens up the gate of joy for me
Your laugh adds melody to it
Your voice makes me glad
As I know my love is near

You are my beautiful red rose
which adorns my heart
and gives fragnance to my life

Was it a dream, a sweet dream
That you were with me
And you cared me
It was amazing! !

As the bee searches for the nectar
I search for you, my beloved
When night wears her robe
I dress up myself for you

Why did I fall in love with you?
So deeply, so truly, so madly?
And poured out my heart and soul
Knowing for certain who you are

You are my music
You are my song
You are my life
Whom I long

Into the clouds I will go
To search my love there!

Into the stars I will go

You left me
I never said a word
I was just happy for you


You have no clue,
how much I love you.

Every beat of my heart,

When Jesus knit you in your mother's womb, Mom
He thought of a small little girl
Who will always need you.

You called me 'My Angel'
Told the whole world so
I was well known
Among all your peers

Eagle, Eagle, who rest upon the mountain top
Did you see my daddy passing by?

Oh thick white clouds, high up above the sky

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In love with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ....I Love truth and hates deception.... If You want to be my foe.... blatantly lie to me...)

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Can't Stop Myself From Loving You

Can't stop myself from loving you
As I think of your love
It soothes my heart
And bring tears of joy
'Cause my heart loves your heart
As it found its soulmate

When you wiped my tears off my face
You were wiping off my bruises
When you kissed my eyes
You were healing my wounds
When you hugged me close to you
You were curing my sick heart

By all the acts of love
You unlocked the door of my heart
And enthroned yourself
As the lover of my soul

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Unnikrishnan E S 12 January 2022

I have been following the lovely poems by Poet Susheela Alexiose for some time now. A very talented poet. An inspiration to all on PoemHunter

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Rajnish Manga 24 April 2019

I have read a couple of poems written by this accomplished poet Ms Susheela Shiju and find them quite interesting. Her language and style is simple yet very impressive. Her expression is flawless. My Thanks and Best Wishes.

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Prabir Gayen 23 February 2019

You are a lover poet...a romantic artist....God bless you..

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 December 2018

I like your poems very much. They are most touching yet never dull. Loveliest poems I have read so far that contiue my thoughts, mind and expectations from what I have read in the poem. The metaphoric style is especially precious. Keep creating poems, dear Poetess. I wish you God's Blessings in Abundance for you and your beloved family. Amiin.

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Latha Fletcher 19 October 2018

Wow sushee.. You are really great

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Susheela Alexiose Quotes

Wear a smile and hold back the tears! !

Life is a gift from God, yet it is short. Live each day as if it were your last on this planet.... Love  God and believe in the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Have eternal hope.!

Wealth and beauty will fade away...but love will stay forever!

Every day, tell the people you care about that you love them. Buy gifts for them and attend to their needs without them telling you!   They will realize how precious you were to them once you have passed away!

You should marry the one who loves you. Don't trade in for wealth or social status. Fight for that one-of-a-kind person no matter what, and you will not have any regrets later in life.

When you feel you are no longer needed, get out of people's life regardless of how much you loved them!

Never be at a place where you aren't welcomed or respected!

Don't give up eternity for a few happy moments!

Only God will be with you in the end, no matter how much everyone claims to love you; at some point, everyone will depart, leaving you alone to confront your Creator!

If people don't understand you after you've shared your life with them, don't try to show your innocence....let them leave and you stand strong!

Never love someone so much that you can't imagine your life without them... Always leave a place in your heart for God to inhabit!

Never take revenge and do evil for evil. You'll be amazed at how God handles it if you leave it to Him.

Make God the most important person in your life. Do what pleases Him, not what pleases men.

Never reveal all of your secrets to the people you love. You might come to regret it later.

Remember your God, not any human being, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Always find a way to be self-sufficient. Never depend on others.

Don't expect anything from anyone. However, do good when you have the opportunity, even if it is for your foe.

Never, ever utter a lie. You become the child of the father of lies, the devil, the moment you do so.

Fight for justice and truth. Take a stand for it.

Learn to be your own persona, where all you need is yourself and the presence of God! ! Never become so emotionally attached to someone that their words and deeds cause you grief!

Be brave in the face of adversity...learn to keep some of your feelings to yourself....

Don't love someone so passionately that you become a vapor in the wind after they go or hurt you! !

Allow yourself to let go of the person who does not value you. Don't run after love; instead, run after God, the only place you'll ever be accepted! !

Maintain your dignity at all times... never compromise your values... keep your head held high...

Don't intervene in other people's affairs...their life is theirs, and yours is yours...and don't let anyone dictate you which path to take. Have a clearer knowledge of who you want to be and how you want to live your life. Be your own boss, with God at the forefront! !

Slap me with the truth, but never snap me with the lies.

Once trust is broken Wound inflicted is deep cannot regain it back and the scar remain forever

Truth hurts! It burns like coal of fire People struggle to face us when we slap them with the reality!

Never share all your flaws Even to the one who Rests on your bosom Never divulge your darkest moments Even to the one who Showed you much love Never weep so bitterly Even to the one who Hugs you close

Never share all your flaws Even to the one who Rests on your bosom Never divulge your darkest moments Even to the one who Showed you much love Never weep so bitterly Even to the one who Hugs you close

When you walk walk with the one who loves you not with the one whom you love Never get deceived By the way they speak hug and care And you pour out your heart Years later, when the same one throws back everything at you It will be something that your heart cannot hold and your mind cannot fathom

People will condemn you by your past But God never does! People will record your mistakes and count them one by one But God never does! No matter how good you are They will backstab you one day But God never does!

When you know who you are It doesn't matter what people say When you know Who is with you It doesn't matter What people assume At the end of the day What matters most is How God sees you!

My world doesn't revolve around my haters and gossipers any more! My world revolves around the things that I hold dear to my heart! !

When you are absolutely convinced that, you are the beloved of your God and had endured enough hardships, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and pursuing your dreams.

There are people in your life, who know only to knock you down and dump you in the pit.

There are people in your life, whom you can always turn to when you're left in a situation where you are at the verge of giving up and life has come to a stand still.

Teacher: The one who inspires you to be the best The one whose love and prayers, transform you to become the person God wants you to be!

Do not preach Christ If you do not have the heart to see the suffering of your brethren who partake with you in the Lord's Table

Gone are the days When I danced to the tune of others! Gone are the days When I bent my head Took all the blame on my shoulders!

Being a Christian does not mean You remain silent for all the trash People throws on you! Being a child of God is when You take it up all to your God And wait for Him to execute judgment! !

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Susheela Alexiose Popularity

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