Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 521 Points (22 September / London)

Alliterative Abilities Await Accolade - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Deftly drawing deep desccriptions, denigrates dupes, demarcate
Drive divinely dated, daring, duty disparages degenerates.
Discord difficulties discarded, differences demonstrate
Decision's dream, deems drafted ditty deliciously delectate.

Entertaining enterprising epistolary erudite,
Elite exquisite eùicited esteemed efforts expedite,
Ever enchanting episodes elaborates ensures exite
Each enjambment's epilogue's euphuistic eremite.

Magic momentum measures meter making mellifluous meditation
Minor mistakes, mispunctuations mated, music's maximisation
Mood majestic makes manifest, metonym manipulation
Methodically modifies monosyllabic metrication.

Lighthearted lines link letters lively, lovingly liberates
Lilting lullabies linguistic, laconically literate,
Literature lighthouse lighting locution lordly, loculate
Lexicon lamenting language limits lack length legitimate.

Incredibly idyllic ideal in insightful illustrate,
Intense impressions interspacing, intelligence impressionate,
Indicate in ink indelible impromptu index intimate
Incomparable imprints issue, imagination incarnate.

Words work wonders wander willfully will, wily, waterfall
With wizardry while weakness, waste, wanes, wretched with windfall
Waxing wonderfully writing with wisodom, wit, Wordsworth's weight,
Workmanship well written, writer withholding worthless wait.

Opportunities offered open onto opus overlaid
On outstandingly orchestrated original serenade.
Outperforming overacting opponents outplayed.
Obsequious opposition overcome, only one's obeyed

Reviewer rightly respond! Rhyming roundel's repaid
Reading rave reviews rising round rhymster, reliably relayed,
Ringing reasoned ruminations readymade,
Routing rough rookies' rash reiteration raid.

Stanza stanza swift succeeding, senses sweeps, song swifter swims,
succulent succession seeding, substitutions, surface skims.
Scrupulous semantics subtle switchback scrabble summarize,
seek solutions smart, scrolled, supple, solve set spectrum's smallish size.

Appropriately authentic ambitions assiduously aid
Adept alliterative abilities awaiting accolade
And always attempt an auspicious aubade
Auguring alphabetical aesthetics adequately arrayed

Now narrator needs newsworthy nest,
Nurturing narrative nicely. Neatesr
Natural novel negates nameless narrow nonsense -
Noting nothing notable. New nib's noblest.

Greetings graceful guest. Guaranteeing great
Glee, gruelling grief gone, gentleman's game germinates,
Gains ground, giga ganglia glowingly gyrate,
Gain grandiloquently grandiose gait.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(30 December 2011)

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poem Edited: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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