Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 521 Points (22 September / London)

Ally Online, All Lie Online, Ali Lion Line Dream Theme - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Every verse acts as shell for fair moral, a skel
eton which we expand when councilling,
wanton worries dispel, [we can scan well and spell],
as transcendent end line links reel illing.

Far from grey citadel against which most rebel,
care for nor tinker's curse nor verse shilling,
Lyonnesse dreams on well, Camelot's chains repel
beneath tropical sun oh so grilling!

Lady lion's large jaws are well used, like her paws,
with gazelle and striped zebra sent spilling,
then she rampantly roars, rips raw prey with sharp claws,
primal urge surges merge, show flesh willing.

In the main, lacking mane, her earthshaking refrain
gives the lie despite spry timbre so thrilling.
Hale, with pride by her side, she sets male pride aside,
with her siblings invests in best killing.

Every night by lush well loud flush larynx will swell,
while at jungle rill thirstily swilling,
yet all know very well that it shows lioncel
how to act, an example instilling.

She prowls nightly, can bell, howl with high decibel,
or else growl, which sends shivers spine-chilling,
but by day to keep well she sleeps deep for a spell,
takes time out from rude clout food instilling.

Kith and kindred all find feline mother is kind,
especially to rub cubs a-milling,
though stay out of the sight of her mate or he might
take a fancy to you for her filling!

Lioness' dreams we tell, [here in verse we excel,
truth from falsehood intent on distilling],
Al de Vigny's words well depict snell lioncel,
a-dreaming by rocks, no cavilling.

Yellow leo won't dwell in a fixed forest dell,
often hunts from from den, then treed hilling,
tone rich bellowed yodel yell's so mellow, ne'er fell,
to deep bass from soprano so thrilling.

Lion's online dreams spell catnip banquet, heads swell
using rhyme scheme's repetitive filling,
feral fears deep sleeps quell, snooze savannah's farewell
to cares, where welfare rare fair fulfilling.

Feline brain cells expel human kind who'd compel
well read carnivores to a dire drilling,
for their instincts impel to green pastures as well
as red meat, chase's sweep leaps, prey stilling.

Readers' doubts we'll dispel, wit harsh critics refell
on papyrus scribe skillfully quilling,
there is no tocsin knell, toxin soujourn in hell,
lion teams' sweet dreams seem self-refilling.

Here apt moral we rend, which from start until end
in its heart shows dreams' beams make all willing
to take time out to blend, fact and fancy, amend,
all misfortunes, find dream time idylling!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(18 October 2011)

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 28, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, September 30, 2013

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