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Already Up (Toy Box) - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I be scaring all my nightmares
I trust the Master...
They rarely ever fight fair, the battle is in spirit
See, there's certain things, you do or don't, out respect
I learned from pain, so won't nobody hurt the same, as me, if I can help it...
It's bigger than a 'perfect name'
Deserving praise, attention, which is vanity, a worthless thing
Yearn for Christ's acceptance
Seeing, hate reading, a search for condemnation
Still a factor, seeing deep inside, paid legions, seeking strange pieces, staged reasons
Noted, vague reaching, keeping things heated
Leading to some notions, but, may seem it was way deeper...
I don't know enough
For mocking, sloppy, far beneath, so pardon me
My hobby, my career, is like premiers appear, I probably see, the persecution
I just got imposed on, against my will, so it doesn't count, if I ain't covered
It would be unique
Law school, another route, I've come about
But I ain't done with time for my heart
Just listening to the Spirit, hushing doubt, as I would shine far, no grieving in the mirror
Longing for acceptance, my scars, abide in stars, aligned, a spark, fumbling with fame
No glocal thinking
It's staging so, it seem, by the libels, if you're proximity, it ain't so important
If higher, then you're obscenities, some don't want to give you
Your honors, that you should get,
For free
Jealousy, enmity, zealously, this unending string, specific, for the souls with some soul
That really did succeed, but, I don't ask permission, I take it, a step ahead of evil
Hated, and debated, degraded, but saved, I stand with
This ain't baphemont, it's a different thing, Christian, winning thing, that's why some quick to diss
In minutes, labelled wicked things, to misportray, and really, it's offensive, 'cause they're all liars (that's satan's reality)
But, because they're wicked, others twist it with them, being against
Because they're all squires, and I may be famous
But it's common sense, can't run with this
Vaunting, I ain't doing, but my patterns in some honored's hits, and I ain't reached my peak yet
Thunder, linked, to the One Who sits
Up above the legions, His Kingdom is Light, I'll be alright, hate ain't on His level
The devil is sneaky, scheming, I ain't even trying to hear it, this may trigger me
If it does, I'm on trouble then, but, it's fine, when others will to hurt me, verbally or what
Indirected, like my stuff ain't...
If I was under any scrutiny, it's too unique (couldn't be the case though)
What's been exposed, stuff disclosed, from the jump
All the way up to now, the ones who know, it's something wrong, just cold, and still
Up and down, in many different matters...
Never threaten me, I just succeed, it's destiny, oppressing things, harrassing
Through the verbal, word attacking, and reversed, had to unlearn the tactics
That first impacted, demons 'stablished, I ain't did nothing bad, correcting slander
When nobody else, in this, had my back
Some say I'm going down for standing up
I educate myself, not injustice but distortion is...
I paid for dust, word unto the angels, Jehovah forever, major plus
A motive for exposing the devil, and oh, the pebbles, thrown...
This ain't been my fault, that I'd never consent
To sell my soul, I'm 'snitching' now, to list me down, as sinful in the devil's world... (open your eyes)
But I live YHWH, just think, and this the way I feel, had kill me off for nothing
Destruction, to muzzle me and stuff, don't even know my function, I'm loving the Lord, and  lifted my cross
And still continued rightousness, even at all I faced, it's me discipling...?
I think, how did I make it this great? (Only God)
Remember writing in, the night watches, trying to express, not all aware of what would be
What I see...
It took a long time, to me, hard work, and trying to dream, noticed, can't nobody save me but the Most High
At the point, close by, the hopes revitalized, and so I, managed, a lot of strength within
I don't care how they fall, long as they do, destroying me, no plans for rules
Let's articulate...
In these circumstances, worse  for granted
Not in YHWH's eyes
Which can penetrate, discerning damage, pass the superficial
Happiness, I felt, in pain, even, if it changed season
Faith teaching, pressed the button, seven angels, great creatures
Wonder if the same sequels be like I was
Do evil see and watch them see, peeping me, without a reason, means even, meaning, if that's, the case
Some, magic ain't exempt, then,  YHWH's domain, bothering all His prophets
And the thing is, there's many, that's called, but few acknowledged Him, in word, in deed
And truth, that's the problem
Love the Lord forever, Light, supplieth the Sword
In righteousness, when the devil, try to smite in this, I'm writing, but, it's sunt beneath the main spring
But, some desire something to drink, so satan make schemes, to seat it where it's likely
That you would heed it, no matter where it's at, sparking fire inside, reminder, of the pain
And revitalizing the flame, that righteously consume...
Traumatized, I ain't ever been to any stuff advised
Compromise, some wanting, but only, if it would crush my mind, something trying to hold me
In spirit, that wish to cover eyes, I see though, ain't needing e-go, bringing me low...
I love you, storms and portions, undying, enormous feeds, and speeds
I noticed something silly, reported, don't want to see repeating, of the story, like before
Can I afford, to lie, no I can't
I focus on myself
And do what I've consigned to do
Ignore distortion, forming
Got the jump on it though
If the wishes of the wicked happen
Something is wrong, they space it out, still arranging satan's flout, evil came about
Taking shape as crowds, sought connection to me, but I ain't allow it, growth accounted for
And found the door
Wiles have been expounded, how around, is it, I bow to God, though
Still, I'm not conformed to that, and shouldn't be able, to seek, entangling me against
My will, and keep embracing me, must be off of the grid
Or either covering someone else...
Staging falls for a 'friend'...
Some would destroy a family unit, through malice
You know, a wife and kid, to strip away protection from battles
That they involved him in, it all depends
The methods are lousy, suggesting thoughts to trick, in falsehood, the taught against
It's all good, the Cross is big...
And I'm already up, it's time that evil toss the jig
The devil's root intention is to blind the people all
To him...
I see clear of the stories, where mavericks, sit forever
But I've had smear and distortion, at me, and mixed together...
Though I'm not sure if it was for candy or it's for pleasure
But, I've felt compassion, that's why the Lord's acting, different
'Cause, it's in His hands anyway, and my wick stands, litten, bright, the flickering flame
He won't allow be smote
Stuff is weird...
It's been explained, yet, my ground is soaked, the loathing wish, provoke, but, if it work
Want to get me maimed
Soaked in lighter fluid, emotions, disclose a different page
I just follow bread crumbs, step, by step, and year
To year, whoever in the bed of, laying there, don't you interfere, I'm clearing terrorism
What the heck...
Only been sincere, I mention here, discredit engineered, I don't get the beer
The pictures, some don't see, since it was though, I'm bumping this (because I want)
Stuff, without a song though, sufficient, sure (instruments)
Lies, disguised, my preference is the Bible's...
Questioning survival, never sent to rivals
Just obsessing, just to wreck me
Just to set me in a cycle...
I ain't a product of, strictly for Jesus
Ain't nothing wrong with setting that straight to any but evil
To mess with me, I turn the next page, submersed, but no
Subversion though
Righteousness, my breastplate, imperfect, but divergent
I shouldn't have to lose out because of terrorism
Several misinformed, though predicted
And I never miss it...
And no opinion is absorbed, it's like the devil's in it
Said I'm living strictly for the Lord
That's Who dwelling in me
Never ending
Switching forms, like what fails against me
Plus I'm never timid, been restored, Light, forever winning
That's if I was rich, or if I'm poor
I ain't ever friendly...
'Cause that's intended for a thorn
I can't let it prick me
But, when it's wisdom from the Lord, I accept it quickly
Got enough sense, what to ignore, and what is better with me...
Never think for second, that I ain't grateful, even when I go through moments
Of hardships, know that Weh' is able...
Weh' is faithful, no partisanship, restrain His nature
Ain't intend my writing for fighting
That was engaged by satan...
But, nonetheless, I'm none unless, I'm none to self for Jesus
Keeping deep within
Beyond the depths, the love He's dealt His creatures...
YHWH's Alpha and Omega, so I'm blind to nothing
Two Corinthians two eleven, truth, and Scripture live, subdue conditioning
Let time adjust, rise and trust in God
Disasters and no sweaters, got the Holy Ghost
One's still alright...
Pisanthrophobia, but one can live polite
I'm already up, and been focus, animal posters, oceans, cannibalistic vultures, for sure?
Okay, a word of mouth
Notice, why you said it, but certainly, won't even, etch it, got the lesson twisted
'Cause I ain't evil, and violent like you are
So that's seen as weakness, to demons, that seek to smite a star, my light too far, invisible, visible
Shouldn't incite my bar, raising, metaphor swinging, nothing is seen as problem to me
The stuff that others sweat, just a speck, when Jesus got
My muse in tune, I don't care about nothing
Even Cupid doomed, anticipate the evil that's coming, believing  stupid rules
That truth reproved, and seeking for nothing, but it's the usual
The muse is full
Some things in conjunction, the King removes the wool...
Saying, scratch that, truth, the flak, enjoyed not
Playing, gather, stash the plan back into that
Toy box
After, laterns have a chance, the Master can envoy, watch
And, in these matters, of my friends
After tragedy, I stand, untold, the souls assigned to something, I was at a ledge
The crooked bubble, left it, 'fore I realize a constant
But I deal Light and justly though...
Entire cultures rejected me but I trust the Throne, and love the Most, regardless, of everything
See, this life is nothing
But a test
Ready for karma, it's farther from truth
Than something dead, imagining, it's bad to fight terrorism, I'm done for that

Sike, alright, I'm up


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