From On Being Fired Again Poem by Erin Belieu

From On Being Fired Again

Rating: 3.6

I've known the pleasures of being
fired at least eleven times—

most notably by Larry who found my snood
unsuitable, another time by Jack,
whom I was sleeping with. Poor attitude,
tardiness, a contagious lack
of team spirit; I have been unmotivated

squirting perfume onto little cards,
while stocking salad bars, when stripping
covers from romance novels, their heroines
slaving on the chain gang of obsessive love—

and always the same hard candy
of shame dissolving in my throat;

handing in my apron, returning the cash-
register key. And yet, how fine it feels,
the perversity of freedom which never signs
a rent check or explains anything to one's family...

Kevin Patrick 07 May 2012

It certainly has lots of mischievous charm that’s embellished by its pervasive anguish that hangs in all the illusions being used. I will admit that your use of language in the lest section, I think I know what your suggesting, but it seems like it could be something else. This confusion really makes it the most fun to read.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 08 May 2012

Hi Erin! I like your happy-go-lucky attitude towards being fired...

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June Walker 08 May 2012

Love the humour in this poem.

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 25 July 2009

I like this poem for its unusualness!

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Manonton Dalan 07 May 2012

i wonder how a fired ceo writes his/her views? this poem is so close to reality... i think.

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Erin Belieu 18 March 2022

I'm the poet who wrote this and just saw this here and thought it worth mentioning the entire final stanza is missing from the poem as printed here. You might Google around if you'd like to see the complete poem.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 09 July 2020

" the perversity of freedom which never signs" A great modern poem of the day.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 July 2020

So do you see where all our displeasure is leading? like this: a very good story-poem from all her displeasure, so very cleverly worded, I am amazed: fired 14 times? ! Even going to bed with the man who's your boss doesn't work either. Great irony in this masterful writing. My hats off for the great poetess. Enjoyed this sublime poem. Congratulations on the appointment of The Modern Poem Of The Day by Poem Hunter and Team.

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Hannington Mumo 09 July 2020

I enjoyed savoring this pretty nectarous piece. Its crisp-worded turns leave one yearning for wonder it's been picked for the Poem of the Day slot: -) Thanks, Erin, for crafting & sharing this titillating poetic masterpiece!

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Michael Walker 09 July 2020

Usually being fired is not a pleasant experience, but you find something in it to compensate. It must give you a sense of freedom, at any rate.

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Erin Belieu

Erin Belieu

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