Am A Fish Poem by Doris Cornago

Am A Fish

Rating: 5.0

Steel fish sculptures set apart
Harsh against the soft sea
Billowing white clouds
Swimmingly stark
Faraway land
But deep
In my
Long departed
Skeletons of the
Past of skewed nets
Dragging against sand
Bottomless sea no longer
My sanctuary, am a fish caught
Manmade sculptures, gory and bloody

Am A Fish
Monday, March 12, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: cause,fishing,reminiscences,safety,seaside
We are all caught in a trap and there's no way out. Swimming in a sea of circumstances, we survive the best way we can. We are mere playthings although we pretend we're free, we can make choices - but all within the net we are provided, to keep us "safe". Dare you not escape?
Doris Cornago 12 March 2018

Typo: 'see' should be 'safe'.

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Kim Barney 12 April 2018

Very nice. I like how the indentation in the visual presentation of the poem is shaped sort of like a fish head. Thank you, Doris!

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deborrahcornago 16 March 2018

Also for my friend, the king of the alley cats, Mark Lambert, who gets poetic when mad. :)

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Mark Lambert 16 March 2018

I'm honored! A beautifully sad poem, too.

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Doris Cornago 12 March 2018

For my dear friend caught in the same fish net, Jeremy Rodgers, content writer and editor, affable, convivial, living a spartan life in unfriendly Northern Weather (-10 degrees) but doing swimmingly fine. A merry toast to harsh weather everywhere. :)

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Dr Antony Theodore 12 March 2018

My sanctuary, am a fish caught Manmade sculptures, gory and .... net and fish as a symbol of the slavery of the case of women especially it is very true.......... thank you dear poetess. tony

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Doris Cornago 12 March 2018

Oh yes, Dr Tony. In the case of men, too, it applies. They need to be males and fit into roles. :)

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Bernard F. Asuncion 12 March 2018

Doris, such an interesting write....10++++¥¥

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Doris Cornago 12 March 2018

Bro Bernard, you should go to Palawan and see these sculptures, and be reminded that we share the same predicament as they have, the last of our species, entombed while alive.: (

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