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If anybody asks me if I am happy
I would definitely say I am not

Just when you feel perfect, got it all
You're scot free, inconsequential
Matters don't touch, discomfort
Irks, upset you, need no one

The inconstant moon
How it glows in the night
As we watched in silence
I hope the morning brings

Duckling in a small pool, you came on a whirlpool
Of a storm and tried to to see how another world
Fits your temperament, blazing unending duels
Words crossed, muggle, laughing most times

in my eyes

With wilted
White orchids

Jungle man shouting from the top of his voice
Beating at drums his fever in my ears echoes
He is a short fused individual reaching out
Infusing all with rhythmic beat of distress

I am dazzled by your well chosen words
A very careful man, you hide behind

Steel fish sculptures set apart
Harsh against the soft sea
Billowing white clouds
Swimmingly stark

As I was
Passing by
Flowers so blue
Or of a different hue

A boy
Visiting far

KEY's easy smile is mythical
Wrought in cold stone
Deep inside a fort
Kept for long

Loving your world and making those in it
Feel loved beyond words, makes their
Lives extend to new dimensions
Triggers happy connections

Flames die down, sparks flicker with ashes
Once more, our enemies leave us rattled
Despondent, without balm for wounds
Hunger pangs affect our decisions

Is not words
Uttered in anger

Thinking of love,
Catching it in a glove,
So did I drove,
Healthy as a clove.


You came on the crest of a wave
Eyes blazing like a pair of hot coals
Seared me by sight and caught me
In between tins of your pitchfork

When I know you are looking
I prance around like a hen
just laid an egg in a pen
Smiling my silly smile

Life can be glorious simplified
Breakfast among the plants
Idly soaking you in a tub
Scrubbing your back

Should there be no sun, when tomorrow is gone
Should we fall down, voices drown our own
Visions blur, murmurs confuse, threaten
Knees bleed in pleading, thinking

The Best Poem Of Doris Cornago

Heart Divided, Mind Shattered

If anybody asks me if I am happy
I would definitely say I am not
Having lost the meaning of happiness
between now and last night, I am sad.

Tomorrow, if anybody asks the same
I would jump in glee and say yes
I am definitely because there's me
The other side that longs to be free.

Yet again, in the future if time's short
And nothing is going right with work
I would be lost for words on what counts
For happiness - my freedom or serfdom.

You make me jump in anticipation
Whenever you have the gumption
But somewhere your procrastination
Causes a break in my exultation...

If it only depended on me, I work alone
but so much hinges on what you want done
Your heart divided, your mind shattered
We fell short, we are now fettered...

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Grace Kadii 23 April 2024


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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets of PH family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poetess Doris Cornago as, Rising Ray. This title is offered to her due to her literary perseverance. Form today onward she will be known as Rising Ray Doris Cornago. We hope, all poets, visitors and people will like this.

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Doris Cornago 01 February 2022

Thank you for this accolade. Whenever Im hurt or frightened, i seek cimfirt from my friends. And you are definitely one of them. ❤️

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Doris Cornago 18 August 2015

Back now. Went away because I lost someone. Whatever happens, don't shut down or you'll be trapped forever. Continue with the poems; it's the only doorway.

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Brianca Roberts 03 April 2014

Hi Doris...yes I agree were connected somehow. I'm Bri Roberts nice to meet alone have given me the sole inspiration to share more of my art. Thank you...I really needed that.

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Doris Cornago 01 February 2022

Hi Bri How are you doing. Keep making poems to keep on living despite the possibility of transitioning without a warning. Leave footsteps to save the world from itself. world

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Doris Cornago Quotes

Love is like music to the ears but when the melody gets melancholic, be steadfast and strong. Don't wallow in self-pity. 🎶

Arrogance is having a closed mind and refusing there could be other valid answers. We need to have an open mind to grow in the knowledge of one another. :)

Knowing yourself might take a lifetime but make it pleasurable every step of the way, in kinship of self.

Understanding needs retesting to know that, indeed, a lesson is learned; you may fail many times, ignoring the lesson, misunderstanding.

If you fail yourself, that's okay because you'll have a lifetime to make over; but when you fail others, you'll be forever trying to prove yourself worthy. So, don't take on the burden and be kind to yourself.

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Doris Cornago Popularity

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