Ambiguous Leaves Of Poetry

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You could read poetry so many ways;
does it really mean an interpretation
so personal to our sense of limitations
or does it have a universal assignation?

And just as all trees have leaves,
most diverse in form indeed,
even on just one bough, no two the same;
each one designed to catch the light
and reaching ever upwards find what's bright.

A myriad of possibilities,
all reaching out to one ultimate aim
in which they are united; all the same,
and pointing to their source
from which springs their course.

The aloneness of a single leaf
which through its inherent nature; brief,
reaches up above, absorbs that universal power
from which it alone is made a whole
and that from which it came below.

Ambiguous in its diversity,
and in being; the ultimate source of all ambiguity,
containing all meanings;
bringing certainty without negation of any possibilities,
the single poet in all, eternity.

Mihaela Pirjol 17 June 2014

I love the third stanza...depth and wisdom.Great! Thank you.

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Emancipation Planz 01 July 2008

tis the ambiguous of the prothallus that oft leaves me in wonder... as will the leaf of this page when I leave in a moment... twas full of 10der shoots me thinkest.. thank you

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Margaret Alice 01 July 2008

This is beautiful and fits the many possibilities of quantum physics' many world's theory so well; all leaves growing from the same source, yet all unique and adding to the celebration of diversity and growth of infinity. A lovely write, thank you David, Kind regards, Margaret.

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