poet Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Ambushing The Postal Service

Complaining like a whining three year old never nurtured with care
Being taught hatred for any critique with an obnoxious narcissistic flare
Sending children heartlessly to cages and funneling them off to school
or starving them by robbing their lunch boxes watching their saliva drool.
Avoiding leadership throwing wood into the stove of an old locomotive
imagining his Kungflu was arunaway train as indifference is his motive.
Defaulting by uttering discrepancies which do not exist spreading falsehood
with his repetitive nonsense distracting confusing our sense of brotherhood.
The modernity of oversight has our postal service impeccably tracing
each protected parcel whether absentee or mail-in devoid of misplacing.
Therefore the percentage of error is reduced to a minimum of possible fraud
so pull back your thuggish troops and replace them with a pacified riot squad.
Leave it to Jesse James to haul the Pony Express to a halt with a nasty ambush
or Wells Fargo losing their grip of the filthy banks during the 1849 Gold Rush.
Let the heart of communication offer their results without the crony DeJoy,
whom our Prez appointed, to disrupt the speed of delivery as a stupid decoy.
Hence the honcho will ride his apocalyptic horse stalling the very election
thinking he can retain his power by attacking with another erroneous deflection.
Criticizing our sacred citizen's right to exercise our ultimate democratic deed
by ridding us of a sociopath whose niece has evaluated as a criminal indeed.
Your hunger for dominance is expressed by your paramilitaristic nameless studs
who desecrate our first amendment with their billy clubs as they scrub-a-dub-dub.
Ruining the coziness of a summer night in Portland bringing nannies to the street
whom you at least didn't pepper spray in the light of day for it would be so indiscreet.
Sarcastically our man of human scum reflects on our communities of intelligence
ridiculing their honesty while Billy stamps his ticket for his reckless style of negligence.
Your American Dream is a nightmarish irresponsible destruction of our Nature
while fracking up the Texan landscape with no masks and idiotically inviting danger.
Still the handcuffs are waiting with the anointing of our new Attorney General
sorting through your disgraces which stink to high heaven which isn't paradoxical.
As the polls keep plummeting, your descent is inevitable and an absolute prerequisite
as no economic recovery will save your cheap presidency, the antithesis of exquisite.
Well Louis was so generous to our autocrat,he has filled his cup with millions of dollars.
I think the time has arrived when we need to stomp, rage, thump, scream and holler.
Now he is our Postmaster General with no résumé and has declared the end of overtime.
Notwithstanding 20% of this was needed for the Post's success and now it's undermined.
"Neither snow or rain nor the gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift
completion of their appointed round." Nevertheless DeJoy gives us no joy or lift.
Your incompetency is evident and I rebel against you fudging with this glorious tradition.
The day will come when we will unravel Trumpism and send him and his cronies to prison.

Topic(s) of this poem: hypocrisy, irony

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Poem Edited: Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Form: Couplet

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