poet Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

An Anthem Before The Final Amen

Brothers! Brethren! Hear the raging screams
Witness the occurrences
Perceive the prognosis and frustrated dreams
Patience is disappearing
Chaos will reign and bring mistrust
Beckon the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues
Recognize the innocence in the young.
Heaven! shed your gentle grace upon Earth
Swing your chariot with majestic Pegasus
Helping us to remember our valued worth.
Mothers will clutch their children fearing
and cast a cloud over hate with their endearing.
Fathers will grasp their swords appearing
to thrust all demons away in disgust.
A drifting glacier is like our human quest
Wandering aimlessly and without rest
Heaven help us to realize our dream
How can we defeat this monstrous scheme?
Sisters! With your Raggedy Ann, your wit,
charms and earthly wisdom lead us to an answer.
We rely upon your courage and fortitude
and your deeper concurrence with a necromancer.
The leaders to be have created angry platitudes
Shouting about their destiny
Written on the scrolls of history
I asked therefore was it an epistrophe?
Instantly the trumpets will fanfare
blaring like three obtrusive elephants.
Proclaiming the cessation of preposterous attitudes
and reestablishing a broader intelligence.
War mongers with their security and investments
listen never to the words of eloquence.
Instead they punch like heartless misers their calculators
as we project our righteousness and magnitude.
The final anthem is a call to conscious
with the ordinary politics the agitator.
Keeping all the sleeping lambs in a hypnotic state of panic
intrudes upon manipulation of the magnanimous.
Persecution in excessiveness has played the satanic
verses as the lights dim the hope of forgiveness
clearing the necessity of dogma as superfluous.
The psychology of dependence is created by the infiltrator
The result is a directly inhuman process so merciless
stirring the simpletons to become charlatanic.
The Arabian spring has skipped the summer
held in hostage from a mercenary’s indifference.
We return to our mother’s womb in slumber
uttering Jesus’s name as we play poker for peace.
Heaven please guide us through these hell-ridden times.
Cast a beaming ray upon us for a sweet release.
The forgotten composer has resurrected and pantomimes
in parody his feather as he writes his colossal piece.
A cantata for the sanctimonious who give incense to the wine
and who then exorcise the prophets for a greater circumstance.
The sizeable substitution has been left for the procrastinator
who has been scorned and beseeched to from all goodly men
giving heed to sanctity amidst the sacred vine.
At the final judgement are the hypocrites befuddled and standing still
waiting for the clarification for their heartless belligerence.
With drones and weaponry set for the massive overkill
the Lamb of God will speak His Word with His wondrous signs.
Rebuking the refusal of neighborliness with a compassionate tolerance
He chants his wooing anthem with its final conclusive “Amen”.

Topic(s) of this poem: warning

Poem Submitted: Sunday, July 26, 2015
Poem Edited: Monday, August 17, 2015

Form: Epic

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