Michael Webb

Freshman - 907 Points (7/12/96 - / Portland, OR)

Amen - Poem by Michael Webb

Despair and desperation
Disdain and separation
Cold air and a breath
Cold stares upon the pavement

Sinful sons on every corner
Debaucherous daughters
When the demons enter
Seeking their slaughter

Alcoholics and Addicts
One in the same
Waking up in jail cells
With murder next to their name

Homeless mothers
Runaway wannabe fathers
The children suffer
The state doesn't even bother

Poverty and racism
Politicians laughing
Guns in the street
False prophets acting

Teachers lying to kids
Teaching ignorance
Flouride in the water
Television belligerence

War between nations
Earthquakes and hurricanes
Little babies facing starvation
People can't avoid temptation

Bombs and terrorists
Through the smoke
We don't see heaven
Government still lying bout 9/11

What shall we do
In these dying times
Look into my eyes
I'll tell you
We gotta realize
That these times are short
But our eternal lives
Are fighting a spiritual war
We have to repent
Before it's to late
Cause that serpent
Is seeking to ruin and take
Say this with me
Brothers and Sisters
Please save your fate

Forgive me Father
For I have sinned
Yet again and I feel
Like I'm gonna give in
Once again cause
This world I live in
Is cold and dim
I make an excuse
So I can fall back
Where I began
I become a recluse
I come out of my skin
Sometimes I want proof
That you are there
Because I'm scared
That this roof
Is cavin' in
Not the one above me
But my skull surely is
So I ask you Dear Lord
For your Forgiveness
For the things I have done
I believe that you are the Son
Of God, who faced repercussion
Of our ignorance
You died on the cross
My sweet Lord
And you rose again
After 3 days
You paid for our sin
I am forever grateful Father
In your light I will now live
JESUS I love you
And it is in
Your precious name that we pray

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