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An Alliterative Amorous Answer - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Alliterative Love Letter
Adored and angelic Amelia. Accept an ardent and artless amourist’s affections, alleviate an anguished admirer’s alarms, and answer an amorous applicant’s avowed ardour. Ah, Amelia! all appears an awful aspect! Ambition, avarice and arrogance, alas are attractive allurements, and abase an ardent attachement. Appease an aching and affectionate adorer’s alarms, and anon acknowledge affianced Albert’s alliance as agreeable and acceptable.

Anxiously awaiting an affectionate and affirmative answer, accept an ardent admirer’s aching adieu. Always angelic and admirable Amelia’s admiring and affectionate amourist, Albert
Wit and Wisdom 1826

An Alliterative Answer

Artless Amelia Acme’s answer adamantly admonishing artful Albert Acne’s announced amorous ambitions, and assertive advances, actively advocates appropriate alternatives. Also, attesting abhorrent Albert’s attempted abduction, Amelia asks an adequate aureate award. Advance “ amical ” arrangements are altogether abjured.
Adieu Albert!

Abused Amelia, an adorable angel, aghast and askance, acknowledges agile apostate Albert’s apparently avuncular, albeit astonishingly audacious application, and, as alleged affiancement alliances and anticipations are absent, appends an acceptable, accurate answer.

Aggressively accosted, Amelia acts advisedly, asking an acceptably authentic apology affirming all Albert’s avowed affiancement allegations as archetypal authoritarian autocratic attempts at annulling Amelia’s autonomy. Also, Albert’s absolutely alarmingly acquisitive ambitions afford anguish, anxiety, and, afterall, acute anger. All are anathema, as Albert, an adder, assumed angelic approbation after an abject attempt at abrogating and appropriating all Amelia’s assets.

Agamous Albert’s age, adiposity, and abnormally abrasive accents also argued against amorous agglutination. Agamy appeared advisable as Amelia always aspired at attaining an absolute amour, assiduously avoiding ambiguity. Ardent admiration activated Albert’s appetite as Amelia’s allure and accomplishments attracted all-round applause.

Amelia and Albert are at an apogee. Alliance anticipations are antilogical as Amelia’s aplomb and articulateness, and Albert ’s anthropomorphic antics are as antipodes apart as Aphrodite and an anthropoid ape. Acataleptic Albert, Amelia’s antithesis, acting almost as an aggressive animal, abused Amelia’s adolescent acquaintance, Anabelle, an alluring afro actress, - actually auditionning as an aria alto, - adventuring affront abruptly abbreviated.

Albert’s apologists are accomplices aiding and abetting an attack (after anticipating advantages agreed aforehand) .... At Ashcloth Abbey altar agnostic Albert asked Assyriac Abyssinian Archdeacon Ahasuerus and Arabian acolyte Abdul abn Abdulaziz abn Abdullah Abu an aboveboard absolution although Abbott Abraham Allsaints’ anterior abjuration altered all accomodating actions.

Apprehending arrogant acquiline Albert’s arbitrary approach, Amelia appositely acted appropriately, adjusting apparel. Applause and approbation are apropos.

Albert abusively alledges aristocratic alabaster Amelia’s assent - an assumption as absurd as an ass astride an advocate assiduously assembling an ascorbic acid apparatus!

Abstemious Amelia’s abilities attract acclaim - above all admirable administrative aptitudes, artistic aims, analytical assurance, amiability and amenability. Altruistic Amelia amalgamating agreeableness and authority, always assists aliens.

Alcoholic Albert’s abominations abound, as aforementioned as all adults agree, admonishing an aggressive ambiance........Albert apes affability!

Abusive adulation appalls, accelerates aversion and attracts adverse acknowledgements alienating affirmative adhesions. Allegorical accolades, artificially addressed, accumulate absurdities. although amiable acolytes are acceptable additions. Argot argues against acceptance as avid adventurers assume affected accents -, acquiring added artificial accomplishments.

Addressing amoral Albert, and apprehending amorphous arrangements, Amelia advises acrimonious Albert’s accepting any alternative Abigail, Alice and Anabella, as affianced amourette. Auburns are also admired as are armed assegaie’d ashanti, andalousian, algonquin, anabaptist and amerindian amours:

Abigail, Ada, Adrienne, Adriana, Adelaide, Agatha, Aglaë, Alice, Aliette, await Albert,
Aline, Alison, Amy Amanda, Amandine Andrea, Angela, Angelica, Ann, anticipate Albert
Anna, Annabelle, Anne, Annette, Angelina, Annick, Annie, Andrée, Anthea, alleviate Albert
April, Ariane, Ariane, Arlette, Armande, Armelle, Ashley, Astarte, Ava, appreciate Albert
.....And Albert annoys Amelia! - aggravating!

Allez allégrement ami Albert! Après autres amitiés amoureuses accédez aussi aux aspirations affectives arrivant à accorder Amour avec Accord. Ailleurs, autres amazones attitrées, amantes acharnées, attendent, - absolument adorables, adultes attendrissantes, assurément admiratives. Aussitôt avisé, Adonis Albert, avancez aux aventures avec ardeur ainsi alimentant ambitions, avidité, avarice aussi! ASSEZ! Allez au...!

Accusing arrogant, avaricious Albert, astute Amelia analyses Albert’s arguments. Attainted Albert’s ambitious alliance aspirations agreeable, attainable, admirable and admissable? An alarming assumption!

Ah! Any amorous association appears an atrocious abberation. Astronomers assert Aries, Aquarius are astrologically awry, ascendants antagonistically aspected. Astral arcana argue authentically atemporal antipathy. Auspicious Andromodean angles’ absence attest antidynamic aurae and accumulated asteroidal antibodies.

Academic Amelia's aims are admirable, abominably average Albert’s arch assertations astonish, approval absent.

Accountably, Amelia, applying an ancient adage, asks all attachments, abrogated. Accusatory affidavits authenticating Albert's activities attest an affective asymetry and Albert’s attempted ascendancy as an ascertainable assault.

Always astoundingly ambivalent, Albert’s allurement aimed at altering affections. An anticipatory accusatory arraignment appeared advisable, averting additionnal altercations. Accurate assessments are advocated and are almost always advantageous, allowing apposite appreciation, avoiding awkward associations.

Also, attentive acumen assists amorous alchemy amalgamating affinity, attraction, ardour, amity, admiration, and, anon, augurs an authentic amour among admiring amazons and ardently adoring Adams. Awed adoration and adulation are actively associated afterwards.

Alternative avenues are available, avoiding Amelia’s acrimony. Affectionnate aspirations are achievable as accomplished, affable, adulating aspirants abound, aiding adventurous amorous acrobatics: African at Abidjan, Accra, Addis Abbaba, Algiers and Angola, Australian, - at Adelaide and also among aborigines, arctic and antarctic, asian, armenian azeri. Amerindian: Aztec, amazonian, andean and argentinian, and American as at Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Atlanta and - across Atlantic arrive at Azores.

Also additional areas are approachable: Aden, Afganistan, Albania, Andorra and Austria. Aachen, Aberdeen, Aberystwyth, Amersham, Amiens, Agen, Amsterdam, Aosta, Arras, Athens, Avon, absurdam! All across Africa, Arabia, America, Australasia, and Asia, Amor attracts. Amazons and Adams also acquire accessories assisting amatory achievements, any abnormal abstinence abhorred as an absurdity, an aberration, and an abuse.

After all, any affluent adorable acquaintance amply accredited abridges abstinence’s abyss, activating additionnal advantages. Able and agile adventurous applicants are acceptable and agreeably accomodated. Absorb all available accumulated advertisements and act accordingly, avoiding asinine avarice, arrogance, acquisitiveness, ambivalent attitudes, abusive anamorphoses, aggressivity, and, arightly, all antedated alimony agreements.

Alas! As all amical advice appeared awry, articulately Albert amassed assembled aides avouching ample auriferous awards.

An affected affability assisted Albert’s audacious agression. After assorted aperitifs and antipastas, asparagus, aspic, avocado, almonds, anchoveys, aubergines, and additional alimentation, after angastura, advocaat, ale, absinthe and armagnac.

Alas Albert adulterated Amelia’s alcohol 'accidentaly' adding an active aphrodosiac and arsenic as an apparently anodyne ascorbic acid alimentary aid aimed at appeasing abdominal aches.

Accursèd Albert, an anathema approached Amelia’s appartment antechamber. An awful accessory aided and abetted Albert’s ambitions, an astigmatic, arthritic, asthmatic apprenticed assistant apothecary, alternately antipathetic and antisocial. Abominable antics!

Another apothecary, auspiciously arriving after an afternoon appel ably abbreviated and aptly alleviated all abdominal aches and agonizing aftereffects, administrating an aspirin and an anal analgesic antidote, avoiding angina, apoplexy and averting asthma, ancilliary ailments, and associated allergies. An antiseptic apple accelerated an amelioration and allowed Amelia, after an appreciable adjournment, an appreciated alleviation.

Ambitious, although ambivalent anglo-american assurance arbitrage affairs at an arcance alleyway accomodation address, an arcade archway around Adarkhorse Avenue, Ascot, allowed arriviste Albert adequate affluence. Against all assumptions, and at allround amazement after an anonymous alert, aureate accumulation abated.

An 'accidental' audit attenuated auspicious anticipations after auditors accused Albert, arguing arbitrary activities and accounting abnormalities.Accordingly, accablant accusations abounded as Albert’s affairs abruptly assumed an atrocious aspect. Accurate and authoritatively accessed archives attest actions absorbing all available assets.

Aleatory allocations and advances allowed Albert an astute alibi, although appalling accounting abberations argued an almighty abyss, appraised at an astronomical amount.

Although assigned at abode, anticipating an arrest, apprehensive Albert, affrighted, attempted an abscondment abroad. Abusing artless absentee associates, arrant Albert aimed at an Argentine asylum after Albion, alienating all about. Additionnally, as avenues affording alternative argent alimented Albert’s ambitions, Amelia’s abduction appeared an advantageous act affording an adequate apportionment, as abundant antique aquamarines, amber amulets, agates, adamantine artefracts, and attractivly accessible amethysts attracted Albert’s avidity.

An ace amateur articulate abstract artist’s authorized aquatints attest anaemic and absurd Albert’s arrest after an abortive, airborne attempt at abducting Amelia. All aspects are accurately authenticated, ably attested, and amusingly assessed. Azure arabesques, appositely adorned and accented, again and again add and accentuate artwork, adding an architecturally atypical atmosphere.

Anyhow, an affable agèd ambassador’s assistant, an alert, and able army adjutant, (Admiral Arthur Anderson’s aide Archie Android) , admirably and adoitly aborted atrocious Albert’s attack, - an abject amoured ambush assiduously aimed at assassinating adorable, amusing, Amelia. After an arduous affray advantaging Amelia and abridging Albert’s antagonisms, Amelia, arms akimbo, actively advanced against Albert’s allies.

Although an accursèdly accurately aimed arrow’s apex almost attained Amelia’s aortic artery (an apocalyptic apprehension) an athletic admirer arrived assudden and audaciously averted an arrant assault.

Afterwards, ashamed, all assailants abjectly abandoned arms and ammunition, asking appeasement approximating Antony’s Actium anticlimax and Aegyptian asp against Augustus and abjuring aggression. Although annihilation appeared appropriate Amelia accepted atonement.

Alerted after alarms at almost all alpine areas, amazed ambulance attendants aiding assimilated auxiliaries administered antibiotics against antibodies, and anticoagulants, amputated arms and appendices, as allies and attackers alike ailed after Albert’s agressive ambush.

Athwarted Albert’s abrupt abscondment abroad abrogated, associated asocial assassins are apprehended, arrested. Accountably, any additional aggression appears averted.

All abominable ambuscades and armed attempts at abrogating Amelia’s autonomy and authority averted, aristocratic Amelia, an Ann Arbor Arts' and applied Agronomy alumnus, angrily attacks Albert’s astoundingly anomalous artificies. Although alleviated, assured, Amelia asks an appreciable award, an altogether appropriate assessement, all angles amply ascertained, answering Albert’s approaches aloofly.

Agressive attitudes and assumptions asphyxiate any and all affectionate attachments as argumentative atmospheres alientate affections and atrophy amicable arrangements. Afterwards, antisocial actions and activities aggravate anxieties as assuaging approaches appear absent.

Accordingly, Amelia’s appointed and authorized attorneys, acting advisedly after annotating adequately accused Albert’s avaricious, and actionable activities, assiduously attack Albert arguing abuse, alienation and assault.

April, August ask, after arraignment, audience, and appropriate arbitration, an adjudication affording an adjustable and acceptably adequate annuity, and all ascertainable assets automatically assigned. Anticipating arrears, absolute accountability appears advisable as alleviating anxiety.

An antarctic abode, abannition amongst autochthonous antipodean australian alligators answers admirably as averting all attacks and abbreviating annual anguish.

Artificially advanced allegations about alledged agreements’ acceptance and arranged acquittal are abortive as accusatory accusations are affirmatively attested and authoritatively admissable at Assizes. An adjudicated award addressed annually adulterates acrimony and aids amenability.

Amelia’s advocates, affirming airtight arguments abovementionned, accordingly ask Albert’s arrest, also anticipate advance assurance accruals according Amelia an adequate, adjudged adjustable accurately assessable, accessible accumulated annual allowance.

Attentively awaiting an authoritave answer, Amelia's attorneys await authorization according Amelia aberdeen angus animal arena, abutting abattoir, ample agricultural acreage aboveground, also artesian access and assistance against Albert’s assuredly abnormally antagonistic andimadversion, animus and afabulations.

Above all, April August argue adroitly against additionnal asinine accomodation, acquiescence, adjournments and amendments as against Amelia’s advantage.

Arthemus Anderson
Attorneys at Albany
April, August, Another, August, April, After & Associates,
Avocats à Amiens
Avril, Août, Autre, Août Avril Après & Associés,

The introductioncan be found in Wit and Wisdom quoting an anonymous authour in 1826 The story with over 1700 words was written as a reply on behalf of Amelia in 1991 responding to Albert's original letter below and slightly expanded in June 1996. Although around 10% of the words ARE AS AN or AND there are few duplicates apart from 40 Amelia and 58 Alberts which gives around 1450 words so far. To be updated

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