An Education Poem by Lauren Michaels

An Education

Rating: 4.8

This is Fact!
If a quadratic equation
With real coefficients
Has complex roots
They will come
In conjugate pairs.
An enzyme is
A protein catalyst
A biological catalyst

Hard and bare.
With none of the
Physicality of living.
Facts that teach us nothing
That tell us nothing.
Of where we're going
Where we've been.
How to battle the ever
Growing apathy tides.


I sat at my maths book
And cried tonight.
For forty minutes, I cried.
I want to be a wordsmith.
To take language and make it my own.
To fill my head with free
Flowing thought.
With unchecked hopeful adlib.
And it breaks my heart.
To curdle it
With facts.

Donall Dempsey 19 May 2007

'Out of this nettle danger we pluck this flower safety! ' And so out of your rant against the pure fact of math you have shaped this wonderful poem...even your distress is eloquent and by the wonders of alchemy you have transformed this base metal into gold. Don't know if you will pass your maths exam but you will certainly pass your literature. Don't are already a fine wordsmith and you will flower into and reach even greater heights. Wonderful...a delight. love Donall

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Ernest Mayer 27 June 2006

I really can't believe that you're just 18 years old. This is the work of a natural, of someone who is just getting started; and I know that better things are yet to come.

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Seán O' Muiriosa 27 May 2006

The leaving cert, right? Yeah, painful stuff. Doing it myself. I know what you describe here. I could picture it and feel it. Ah well at least we might end up with an education after it... And we can write then forever.

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Sidi Mahtrow 17 May 2006

No one seems to enjoy the humor of Piers as he describe a member of the clergy. Here's an example with reiterative words (those starting with the same letter or sound in the same line) : I found in a freitoure I found in a reflectory (place for meditation) A frere on a benche, A friar on a bench A great chorl and a grym, Great jowls like a pig (or jowls and a grin) Growen as a tonne, Weighing a ton With a face so fat With a face so fat As a ful bleddere As full as a bladder Blowen brethful of breth, Blown full with breath Of course this was done in 1460. Try the style, you might like it. s

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