An Impulse From Nature Poem by Tajudeen Shah

An Impulse From Nature

Bluish white haze lingered
On old house roofs proclaiming
Dawn's majesty blended with
The sweet scent of chill petals!

Full dew drops perched still
On dense green leaves with
Their tiny crowns; the reflections
Of tender Sun and shivering blooms.

The morning zephyr kept taunting
Virgin blooms, who blushed
And giggled while green leaves
Had misgivings deep within.

What on earth does not contain
A message for thinking men,
As seasons have their music
That define human destiny too!

Bounded are both living and non
With specific collective missions,
As Morning, Noon and Evenings
Setting human moods and thoughts.

Farah Ilyas 19 June 2013

wao, how we r blessed with four seasons, every seasons has its own worth & value, not only impact on our need & necessaries, also have a capacity to command over our moods, if we r not blessed by three times in aday (morning, noon, evening) , surely we get bored...o my God how brilliantly u captured all phenomenon in ur poem, u r outstanding poet indeed, i am wondered why this poem has one comment only. thanks for sharing

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Valsa George 02 June 2013

How true! Seasons invaribly define and impact human destiny and each thing on Earth has a message for thinking man! ! This beautiful dawn is lovely with dew drops having their little crowns and the blooms tickled by the gentle breeze! Lovely! !

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Tajudeen Shah 18 February 2013

wish i had some sensible reviews from fellow poets. God bless.

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