Bri Mar

'' An Industrial Estate '' - Poem by Bri Mar

I walk through the fields laden with life,
There are flowers, bushes and trees,
They show no signs of stress or of strife,
There's wonder in the birds and bees.

The deer roam free while the fox cubs play,
The voles and mice are at rest,
An eagle overhead blocks the sunshine's ray,
This is truly how beauty's expressed.

At one with nature is how we should live,
We all have a right to survive,
Being cruel to others is hard to forgive,
Why don't we let animals thrive?

I've come back home after a long time gone,
To see where I ventured and played,
The wildlife habitat has been withdrawn,
All those animals have now been betrayed.

We cannot complain when we're overrun,
By animals seeking shelter from above,
We've stolen their land when all's said and done,
Without mercy they've been given the shove.

Where can they go when we steal their land?
The fact is we don't really care,
The way we treat animals is so underhand,
They've no time or chance to prepare.

Like us they'll try their best to exist,
Though they're living in constant fear,
Their right to live is being dismissed,
Take action now or they'll all disappear.

Those beautiful fields that I once knew,
All the animals have been left to their fate,
From their old habitat the pollution will spew,
As it's now,

‘' An Industrial Estate ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 22, 2012

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