An Island Of Waves Poem by Soumili Karmakar

An Island Of Waves

Toes being dipped in sweet-salty water,
The surf is modestly kissing all the waves,
Smoothness of jewellery ice is white beholding herself till spring,
Floating clouds silently tossing in happiness, where birds are circling in rings.

A gentle breeze is stirring,
Swirling locks loosening their turns while gazing at brown mountains welcoming rains.
Alpine boughs are clasping by receiving letters,
Where rainbows are heaving and bending to see did she came.
As if sands loving the flickering waves while holding tight,
Trails of shooting stars talking to winds in an Island of dreamy midnight.

The storm that knocked some wooden doors,
The light I saw sprawling all petals weaven into gold.
The stiffness of rocks, splintering as waiting to be caught by solemn eyes,
In winters some birds were singing joyfully by a streaming river's side.
The blazing camp fire warming the air,
Tropical forest listening to stories emerging from rising currents,
As if realities and dreams holding hands in there;
By cupping your face and whispering, "close your eyes and breath in the magic of the bay."

Will you look if it says, " shall you be returning after sometime, when stars sing to you my pleading rhymes? "
Listening to soft breezes and sunshine,
They tell me, " she has you in her mind".
The shadows of memories were pale,
But I had a withered leaf as my tale.
Though the owl was blind in an eye,
He flew towards the edge of our space,
When she dreamed of blue skies and echoes to chase.
Chimes of flocks and ripples forming in sunlight,
The shafts of moonlight and stars promising to waves none would hide.
They said,
"Days will be they'll call you rough,
Days will be they'll say you own their heart,
Days will be you'll be loved for the land breeze,
Days will be you'll be unknown, if their reminiscence freeze,
But we'll chafe our sheath of light by guiding you.
Ringing a brass bell some shells will be praising and coloring you anew."

Some pages will be turned,
Some people shall return,
If my contemplations reach near your homeland,
Just wave and let my wishes be anchored in your sand.

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