Beliefs In Every Days In Every Ways Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Beliefs In Every Days In Every Ways

Blessed palms of Eve nurturing the Tree of Knowledge,
Adam by her side working for the same,
Once fell from heaven but two souls living as one,
Little sprinkling of droplets on a thirsty planet till welcoming dawns.
Nature, too, prayed for pious hands and feets,
My heart cries, when some blamed For pains the human race feels.

First, fell Eve and Adam came next
First, they envisioned life from lights of their inner eyes, as the Bible, too, says.

Can you find a pair like them?
The majesty shall understand you, if you proclaim.

After the fall, a generation was born
I being a part of the tribe
Still grateful to my mother before all.

The bells I've heard ringing, whenever a child was born.
The bells I've heard knelling, whenever father has knocked, after lives work was finally done.

I'm being called by the earth as her daughter,
The motions of earth revolving on orbits,
Where seasons of souls begins and ends by fixing all that earthly matters.

Winds reaching the southern hemisphere and an evening outshined in chilled water,
A ship was sailing and wives did knew,
Their men's were returning, guarded by breezes of seas and skies appreciating honesty, and venturing in the blues.

Joining palms before altars,
Closing eyes, while contemplating.
Faith within us, and fate known as our destinies.

We believed, didn't we when our stars shined?
And once a glitter was fallen down from our eyes.

If Eve didn't eat the fruit,
We wouldn't have met,
We still read about Adam and Eve together unchained, no matter what some of their daughters and sons said.
They'll be praised by some defying any claims, if ever made.

Foggy fields and rising of our heavenly sun,
Golden hues admiring woods breathing along.
Rhyming of birds, ants collecting food in lines;
caterpillars squeaking, where a shepherd was mixing grains and hays for cattles without any dues at times.

The wheels of a chariot moving above the clouds,
Did you see how they knew the path where footprints held marks being silent?
Wanderers were seen preaching heartily sitting on soils,
Barefeets and hearts on sleeves untamed saved our voice.

I am a gravel beside a brook,
I've been frozen and melted, too.
I once saw a fairy in moonlight,
She told me some falls were needed just like snowflakes in midnight.

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