An Ode To WıNe Poem by Ratnakar Mandlik

An Ode To WıNe

Rating: 5.0

aan universal anecdote on pain
In frustration you are a companion
In limit you are an elixir and potion
A must you are in our celebrations
.Ambrosia secured through churning
By divinity and demons, of oceans,
You are a reward to their off springs.

Born you sre for the sublimation
Of everything humane, their emotions.
No poor soul could know truth eternal
Till the all knowing monarch did spell
Notion of producing you from foodgrains,
Keeping crores hungryfor the gains
Of the greedy, embodiment of devil.

From elixir, anecdote and a potion
Thry have transformed you in poison,
For uprooting of coming generations
Who could make superpower to nation.
Omnipresence as base you 've in potions,
Omnipotence you have for intoxication,
Best friend you are for those in agony,
Though deceptive mirth is your progeny.

You are in yourself were always fine
When you are only a peg of wine.
The unhappy can forget all the pain,
When you take them in your domain.


An enjoyable read. The imagery leads me into a thought provoking piece, your style is gripping and commands the mind to wake up and absorb its content. A spell and grammar software is a wonderful tool and I use it before a piece is submitted on my singular pieces or my books. This small thing with grammar and spelling does not overshadow your genius in creating poetry. 1. aan universal anecdote on pain (spelling “an” and capitalize first word “An”. 2. Born you sre for the sublimation (spelling “sre? ? ?) 3. Notion of producing you from foodgrains, (food grains, two words) 4. Keeping crores hungryfor the gains (crores (unknown to me and hungry for, two words.

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Edward Kofi Louis 28 October 2015

Red wine is for your health. Nice work.

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Ramesh Rai 03 March 2014

A praise for the divine drink in vedas thenafter so many to your pen.

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Ratnakar Mandlik

Ratnakar Mandlik

Hyderabad(A.P.) , India
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