B A N I S H S O L I T U D E Poem by Ratnakar Mandlik


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Solitude makes melancholy to you
Driving the mirth from you away,
Depriving you of the worldly joys.
You get nothing though you grieve
Brooding n binding self in it's trance.

You may forgo then even a chance
To give goodness and get it in return
From the milieu, in your turn.
Loneliness dear, can be too painful
It may throng in you notions spiteful.

Voice of crow may cause irritation
It may imbibe even mal sensations,
Inspiring one to throw a stone
To drive it n it's voice far away.
Banish solitude and on you its sway.

Ratnakar D Mandlik.

Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 14 February 2016

Solitude is an experience with the self and it is wonderful though mysticism related and meditation techniques relevant.

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Poppy Miller 20 February 2016

Hello Ratnakar. An interesting piece. Though solitude is quite different to loneliness. Solitude is a blessing. It brings peace and calm. Your poem is actually speaking of loneliness which can bring a person to the depths of despair.

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Denis Mair 28 February 2016

Solitude is a proving ground of inner strength. In solitary times we may wallow in regret and self-chastisement, and there is no one to pull us out of it. Lack of human contact truly can be a painful experience, and I have certainly tasted the suffering your poem describes. It think it is good to taste the bitter fully, so we can value the sweetness when we find it. We poets even set aside time to be alone, to let our trains of thought can grow like trees. In times of inspiration we are together with others in spirit.

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Dr Antony Theodore 05 October 2015

Loneliness dear, can be too painful It may throng in you notions spiteful. yes Loneliness can be very very painful. it can lead us to madness. You are actually writing about loneliness which is a despicable state of mind. To think that we are alone can destroy us mentally. The word Solitude is used by great saints as an exalted state of mind! .

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Ratnakar Mandlik 05 October 2015

Dear Sir, thank you very much for your generous review.

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Michael Walker 23 July 2019

I partly agree with you. Too much solitude can be depressing and it makes you want someone to talk to, in person or on the phone. But solitude has many good points also, for me. I have lived alone most of my life, so I had to learn to cope with solitude. Your poem is outstanding.

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Jane Campion 02 July 2019

A thoughtful poem. Thank you for your kind comments.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 23 February 2019

You get nothing though you grieve/Brooding n binding self in it's trance...I find illustrious beauty in these two lines while you go on dissecting the psyche of solitude! A fabulous poem....10

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Aniruddha Pathak 09 February 2019

The point of the poem is beautifully painted, dear poet. Yet, there are two sides of everything. Being alone is not always lonely, nor is solitude bad. I am happy to have read the poem.

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Norah Tunney 28 April 2017

Good poem Ratnakar the title drew me in.I make the distinction of being lonely and being alone. I love solitude it is the source of my creative impulse and brings great peace and joy. Sometimes I feel lonely in a crowd but rarely in solitude I spend many years in the wilderness alone. I love how we are all different it's endlessly curious to me. What an amazing journey we are all on. Thank you my friend.Full marks

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Ratnakar Mandlik

Ratnakar Mandlik

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