Genesis 1 Poem by Loretta Shively

Genesis 1

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Jehovah rose from ancient past
and on forever a shadow cast.
A shadow known to common man
as Father Time. Thus time began.
God touched the blank, creating space,
and made some muck - this earth's birthplace.
But all was dark and God is light
so He divided the day from night.
When night is done our God looks down
and sees the muck with waters brown.
Jehovah speaks - creating sky
- dividing water, the low from high,
Above the sky, the waters stay
to flood the earth in Noah's day.
The night comes back. Day two is done,
When light returns, day three's begun.
God takes the muck below the sky
and at His word, it's wet and dry.
The dry is land. The wet is sea.
A perfect place for man to be.
Jehovah speaks, and all around
the plants and trees break through the ground.
It's beautiful. God's smile is seen,
to view His earth now clothed in green.
Then color, like a painted shower,
sweeps o'er the globe on fruit and flower.
A dazzling spectacle to see
on grass and vine and shrub and tree!
Jehovah speaks at dawn, day four.
The sun is lit and stars galore.
God makes the moon. Her silver face
reflects the sun with stunning grace.
And God commands these lights to shine
across the world to be a sign
for days and years, the seasons blend,
to track the time, till time shall end.
Light fills day five. God's voice is heard
creating every fish and bird.
The sky is filled; the sea gives birth.
The song of nature fills the earth.
With graceful flight and splashing swish,
God starts the hearts of bird and fish.
With music now, and mournful calls,
the night again so gently falls.
When day returns, Jehovah speaks,
and answering back is howls and squeaks!
A mighty chorus shakes the earth,
as like the sea, the land gives birth
to every creature great and small.
His majesty reflects in all!
God smiles with joy, for time began!
And now with love, He thinks of man.
A creature, who from race to race,
will all reflect their Maker's face.
A friend for God; a creature rare;
a place to pour His loving care.
A mortal with eternal soul,
as 'friends forever' is the goal.
So that when earth and time shall end,
God still will have His child and friend.
So not with voice, but love filled hand,
God scoops up clay and makes a man.
He sculpts the toes, the hands, the tongue.
With God's own breath, He fills the lungs.
God has a friend! The Father's Son
looks down with joy to see what's done.
Christ Jesus smiles. He loves the plan.
The Devil scowls. He hates the man.

Loretta Shively

Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Rachel Hughes 17 August 2022

Wow! ! what a fantastic write on the genesis

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Loretta Shively 17 August 2022

Thank you 🥰

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