Perspective Poem by Loretta Shively


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The roof needs insulation.
The attic needs a floor.
There's only one hinge holding
the door frame to the door.

Eight bedrooms but there's only
one bathroom in the house.
In every room the heat pipes
make noises like a mouse.
One window's partly covered
by my piano tall.
One cupboard door is missing.
My counter space is small.
The fence that holds the grapevine
is rotten; falling down.
White carpet in the parlor
has yellow stains and brown.
The lathe and horse hair plaster
no longer in its prime.
We're told our lovely farm house,
in years before our time,
was used just like a grain bin
with corn on every floor,
so rats chewed off the corners
on nearly every door.
Two barns are far past saving,
a sight that hurts to see.
The weeds along the creek bank's
another sore for me.
One sofa's slightly broken.
The porch is rotting out.
We need to fix the phone line
and get a water spout.

Oh pessimist complaining,
it's time some thanks to bring.
Be grateful, optimistic,
give thanks in everything.

Our bedroom's on the main floor
where warmth is everywhere.
No floor means no collecting
of junk and clutter there.
The door with two broke hinges
still keeps the cold outside.
One bathroom's les for cleaning,
for two, we're well supplied.
The heat pipes keep us crazy.
My big piano sings.
No door means that it's easy
to get the cups and things.
Small counter space is perfect
to keep the dishes clean.
The grapevine yields abundant
although it tends to lean.
The carpet keeps my toes warm.
The plaster works for now.
The doors with missing corners
are great once in a while
for running cords or hoses
right through them while they're shut.
The barns give inspiration
for planning how and what.
The weeds grow pretty flowers,
quite gorgeous in the fall.
The couch is deep and comfy,
the favorite place for all.
The porch greets pets and neighbors.
The phone line isn't hot.
To fix the water problem,
I moved the flower pot.

Now life is so much better
and I'm much nicer too.
Give thanks and stop complaining;
a challenge left for you!

Loretta Shively

Sunday, August 14, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: perspective,happiness,choice
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