Anger Poem by maas weerabangsa



Anger an emotion like joy or fear At its worst could lead to tear
Escalates physical symptoms in a hurry
From mild annoyance to vengeful fury

It comes to you as an unfamiliar stranger Warning you least of its danger It is your inner voice of self-respect One that prompts humans what to expect

Anger comes to you as no surprise Sometimes making you pay a very price More than the usual once or twice Before you understand its guise

Standing in a queue you are in a hurry Makes you impatient and makes you worry It brings to light all your pent up rage A thing that rightfully belongs in a cage

You fly off the handle and anger becomes invincible Realizing not your action stubborn and unreasonable It provokes fury to a height uncontrollable A thing with a little patience very reversible

In Anger you may be the quiet one Withdrawing yourself from all the fun Sullen as you sulk and surrender Leaving others behind to wonder

At times you unreasonably protest Never bothering to let matters rest Deal with issues at your very best It could mean a lot it could be a test

One final word to you I wish to say To lose yourself in anger does not pay Your anger hide it before you go astray In time you will win and make anger go away

Change your attitude let anger go away Try your very best to keep anger at bay Think positive handle anger right Let not anger control you without a fight

Anger could cause you plenty of trouble It could cause your life to be horrible It could bring a lot of fear in your heart It could break you and tear you apart

Do not let anger be your friend It may not leave you till the very end Express not things that look absurd It's best you do not utter a word

Do not let anger with you tag along It could make your life all wrong It could lead you to a lot of sorrow Anger has no future no tomorrow

Live not your life in anger's terms It thrives on hatred and germs Anger inside could be wrong and evil It's the destructive weapon of the devil

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: anger
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