Annexation Of Ukrainian Territory Poem by Gert Strydom

Annexation Of Ukrainian Territory

The US White House said that from intelligence
proof exist that Russia is laying the groundwork,
are busy with bureaucrats doing fieldwork:
to annex Ukrainian territory, to erode defence.

the violation of sovereignty is immense,
with the Russian sham referendums at work,
the suppression of partisans runs like clockwork.
Putin said invasion is American pretence.

Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts
have Russian banks and passports forced down,
they give roubles to make it default currency
and where Russians are the oppression lasts:
with Russian officials in every town,
in faith, speech and life no one is free.

Russia has taken broadcasting towers,
are forcing citizenship in Kherson,
Russian officials the system empowers,
while still rape, torture and murder goes on,

where the police and security is replaced,
this runs through intelligence, the public domain,
from filtration camps opposition is erased,
where Russian dominance is in each terrain,

they are replacing telecommunication,
act as if they do all property possess,
while the Ukraine is a separate nation,
the Russians violate, do from humanity digress:

put Sergei Yeliseyev in Kherson in charge,
while mad Putin wants Russia to enlarge.

Crimea, the whole Black Sea do not to Russia belong
Turkey, Revel Erdogan, plays a dim-witted game,
he permitted ships to enter, made Russia strong
at the Black Sea, are with NATO only in name.

With annexation nobody do it as Russia's view
but Russia has audacity to treat it as its own
where they try to take land from the Ukraine anew,
with treats about the Crimea their colours show.

The Ukraine has all right to take its own back
to drive Russia out of its property and to regain.
to force the Russians forever to pack
where as part of the Ukraine it land does remain,

where the Crimea has never been Russian land,
with Ukraine against evil the world should stand.

[Poet's notes: John Kirkby, NSC, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, held the briefing about the Russian plans for annexation.
On the 17th of July 2022,
the deputy chairman Dimitry Medvedev
of the Russian security council said:

'In case something happened (in Crimea) ,
simultaneously for all (Ukrainians)
over there,
it will be the day of last judgement"]

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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