Another Day Poem by George Hunter

Another Day

The clock went off, I hit the snooze,
I must be suffering from the booze.
Time to wake up from my dreams
And greet the morning sunlight’s beams.
Dozed off again, but not for long,
The clock was playing a wake-up song.
Time to roll out of the hay
And greet another working day.

Life could be a thing of joy
If I were a rich playboy
And I could just lie here with my honey
And not have to think of making money.
We’d just lie back and talk and stuff
And then when we had had enough,
We’d eat in bed, some steak and eggs,
Brought by French maid who had nice legs.

But such a scene is just a dream
Life has for me a different scheme.
Sometimes it seems an endless ride
Shoveling sand against the tide.
But life’s not meant to be a ball
Some folks don’t have a job at all.
Give thanks and make sure it’s not forgotten
You don’t spend your life just pickin’ cotton.

So go to work and do your best.
Come home at night and take your rest.
Dream your dreams and don’t be blue
Maybe some day they’ll all come true.

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