Another President Another Year Poem by Katherine Perry

Another President Another Year

Rating: 5.0

Years have passed and once again
Another presidential election is here
Who to choose, the votes are in
And a promised change is near

Speeches are memorized and written
Half of what is written is not said
Half of what is said is not understood
Leaving questions as to where we are being led

Is it leadership in which we desperately need
Or is there something else in which we need more
Will this next president be able to plant the right seeds
Or will we move on just like we've done before

Join in on all the celebrated campaigning
Support it in all that you can
Then remove yourself from the congregation
And set out to give a helping hand

Through all the interviews and speeches compared
We still seem to be undecided
There is something missing thats just not there
Because it is man to which we have abided

But even so, we have grown rich and mighty
And so arrogantly strong
That we refuse to let God guide us
And show us where we went wrong

It is apparent that we have come to trust completely in
the power of man-made things
That we are now confused in even knowing what it is that
God brings

So while we go on vainly fighting
As we have in the years that have passed
We are finding only empty victories
And a peace that has never and can never last

Dear God, we now pray
That the next president of the United States
Take just one step back and view
And come to realize that what this world really needs
Is to put first and have faith in you!

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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