Another World Poem by Djean Whitney

Another World

Rating: 3.5

A guy like you your
like a movie star all around and yet so far away
when I see you you sparkle like a diamond
you catch my eye, I stop in my tracks
an hide around the nearest corner afraid to show my self,
afraid of what you will see inside of me.
I just seen you for the first time but,
its like Iv known you for years.
My heart flutters my mind spins around the idea of what he will think
Im not skinny, pretty or smart all I am is crazy about him.

djean Whitney 21 April 2009

This is a poem I wrote because I was thinking how people like moveie stars and the idea of how thay can like some one they will never meat, and will never have the slitest chants to tell that person how thay feel. its just a fantisy. There all over, on tv and in stores and on bouliten boreds but, their not your friend not you naber. Thay dont even know you excist. when they see them on tv or hear their voce they jump and skerm ther name and go crazzy. What is the poin of all that, thay cant hear them can't see them. They can like their music and there ackting and maby even ther looks but wher will it get them in life. But if its someone you know, or someone you don't know but there here and in frunt of you what would you do? Theres the posibilety of talking to them, theres the chants thay may like you back. Their here and now their not so far a way. Maby there an old friend of nobody you know. How would you react and what would go throw your mind.

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