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My freind is all of these!

Friendship is to trust
Friendship is having the kindness to help

A grandmother is a remarkable woman.
There a wonderful combination of
warmth and kindness, laughter and love.

You fall a sleep,
you see darkness,
you dream,
your dreaming of

I realy like you as my friend,
you are such an influence.
We met on this sight,
I read one and I just could'nt get anuf.

I can spend it with you
I can go out side and feel the sunshin,
worming up the serfis,
it's a long wate but its worth it.

There's times in our life we wander
if that roud we're on is heading in the
same drecshoun.
So if the time comes we must let go.

There's sunshine in my soul today,
more glorious and bright,
the glowe in any earthly sky,
for jesus is my light,

The season of spring,
weather seems to sing.

Lovely lovely days,

Every day is a now day,
for the first time,
with the sunshine upon my face,
I can tell the wourld,

I dont now why the world keeps going round
or why the sky dont fall doun.

I dont now why the sun keeps shining

There's a deep burning in my soul,
I open up and shout for a goal.
You pole me close and wont let me go.

I look in the mirror
and what did I see?

I see a special person

Sents you left
I cant catch my breath

Do you fell this way?

Pray, pray when things go wrong
and fears around you
the love you have god will hear in your voice
look up to him

Don't stop praying,
the lord is nigh,
don't stop praying,
he'll hear your cry,

When the sun is hard to find,
you got to find a way to shine.
When the dark cloweds block out the pretty blue sky's.
you cant let your self fall,

An old book
thats covers so thin
and pages so ruffled
you could read the pages

There was a time I believed I could mack all my dreams come true but, now all I can do is think of you.

There was a time I beleved I could be alone, and be happy fullfilling my dreams. I never beleved there was a chance I could be temoted by a stranger.

A guy like you your
like a movie star all around and yet so far away
when I see you you sparkle like a diamond
you catch my eye, I stop in my tracks

Thay come to me and thay go,
so I just have to be redy to write,
pen in hand and paper not to for a way,
so when thay come at any time of the day

Djean Whitney Biography

I an 20 and love to write but it is difficalt for me I have Dyslexia and speeling is hard for me but I injoy it so much. I live in a smal town I have lived hear for 15 years and there is not much to do with my spar time so reading and writeing are what I do most of the time. I love animals and I have had alot of them. Right now I have five cats, one dog, five fish and one turtl. I like spending time with my family and friends and talking to them over the internet. I dont get along with my pernts all the time but how does. I have to sistters and that get on my nerves but, I love them so much. I dont have much family that I get a long with but, I love the ones that do.)

The Best Poem Of Djean Whitney

Friendship Is And Can Be

My freind is all of these!

Friendship is to trust
Friendship is having the kindness to help
Friendship is giving to others without thinking
Friendship is being there when someone need you
Friendship can be just a smile that brightens your day
Friendship is giving more than you expect to receive
Friendship is listening
Friendship is offering your opinion when you think you need to
Friendship can be many things
Friendship is different for everyone
Friendship could be holding a hand for support
Friendship is lending your shoulder to cry on
Friendship is mellow
Friendship is giving back
Friendship is only taking that what you need
Friendship can be that voice of reason you give
Friendship could also be a boost of encouragement when it’s needed
Friendship stands the test of time
Friendship is show in many different ways
Friendship can be everlasting
Friendship is not always an easy thing
Friendship is hard to break apart
Friendship is strong
Friendship should never be taken for granted
Friendship is meant to be shared with all
Friendship is free and rewarding to share
Friendship can be unforgettable
Friendship is priceless to many
Friendship is a secret never to be told
Friendship is not having to say sorry but do
Friendship is not judging no matter what
Friendship is to share, the joy and the fear
Friendship is someone to run too when things are tough
Friendship is a hand to hold when things are so rough
Friendship is someone to laugh with not at you
Freindship is just knowing they are there
Freindship is very personal
Freindship is all of thes things and many more
This is are how I see friendship
To have a true Friend is the best thing to achieve
We all have one but it may take a very long time to find them.

Djean Whitney Comments

Bisy Untan 13 January 2017

Dear, I love to read your poems.Never mind of your problem as I didn't notice it so its only minor. Never allow it to hinder your thoughts and works. Be bold and proceed young friend! ! !

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Nakshatra Gowda 11 May 2013

he, izzy Barnwell i m also new member on poemhunter, i read this poem n i got the meaning of 'frend'.

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izzy Barnwell 26 October 2011

this is very great im new on poemhunter and i picked a great poem to start on! ill recomend u 2 people.

4 2 Reply
Jessica Khinda 26 October 2011

I love your poems. Wonderful job writing them. It doesnt matter if you have Dyslexia because in your poems I couldnt even notice! Great work and keep it up! : D

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