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I an 20 and love to write but it is difficalt for me I have Dyslexia and speeling is hard for me but I injoy it so much. I live in a smal town I have lived hear for 15 years and there is not much to do with my spar time so reading and writeing are what I do most of the time.
I love animals and I have had alot of them. Right now I have five cats, o ...

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Friendship Is And Can Be

My freind is all of these!

Friendship is to trust
Friendship is having the kindness to help

A Grandmother

A grandmother is a remarkable woman.
There a wonderful combination of
warmth and kindness, laughter and love.


You fall a sleep,
you see darkness,
you dream,
your dreaming of

A Friend Of A Friend

I realy like you as my friend,
you are such an influence.
We met on this sight,
I read one and I just could'nt get anuf.

A Lovely Season

I can spend it with you
I can go out side and feel the sunshin,
worming up the serfis,
it's a long wate but its worth it.

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Bisy Untan 13 January 2017

Dear, I love to read your poems.Never mind of your problem as I didn't notice it so its only minor. Never allow it to hinder your thoughts and works. Be bold and proceed young friend! ! !

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Nakshatra Gowda 11 May 2013

he, izzy Barnwell i m also new member on poemhunter, i read this poem n i got the meaning of 'frend'.

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izzy Barnwell 26 October 2011

this is very great im new on poemhunter and i picked a great poem to start on! ill recomend u 2 people.

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Jessica Khinda 26 October 2011

I love your poems. Wonderful job writing them. It doesnt matter if you have Dyslexia because in your poems I couldnt even notice! Great work and keep it up! : D

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