Djean Whitney Poems

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Friendship Is And Can Be

My freind is all of these!

Friendship is to trust
Friendship is having the kindness to help

A Grandmother

A grandmother is a remarkable woman.
There a wonderful combination of
warmth and kindness, laughter and love.


You fall a sleep,
you see darkness,
you dream,
your dreaming of

A Friend Of A Friend

I realy like you as my friend,
you are such an influence.
We met on this sight,
I read one and I just could'nt get anuf.

A Lovely Season

I can spend it with you
I can go out side and feel the sunshin,
worming up the serfis,
it's a long wate but its worth it.

I'Ll Wait For Ever

There's times in our life we wander
if that roud we're on is heading in the
same drecshoun.
So if the time comes we must let go.

For Jesus Is The Light.

There's sunshine in my soul today,
more glorious and bright,
the glowe in any earthly sky,
for jesus is my light,


The season of spring,
weather seems to sing.

Lovely lovely days,

Every Day Is A Now Life To Live.

Every day is a now day,
for the first time,
with the sunshine upon my face,
I can tell the wourld,

All I Know Is I Love You

I dont now why the world keeps going round
or why the sky dont fall doun.

I dont now why the sun keeps shining

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