Answers I Know Are There Poem by Maryam Khan

Answers I Know Are There

Rating: 3.5

Filled with emotions
Can’t seem to find a separation
Deep within myself

I see light from one part
And then the dark takes form
I have no answers

I am in turmoil of what should be
Yet I sense of what should have been
I feel lost right now

Each step I take has no conclusion
The end must come complete
Or I will be in a warped speed

Driven with emotions
I go from one to another
Which one is real?

One day a given
The next drives me to feel
A pain in which is among me

Praying hard, yet the vision is still there
It hasn’t left me yet
Will it ever?

If the answer is there
I can’t seem to find it
Am I a lost soul that seems to endure?

A breaking point I want to reach
Will the hands grab hold?
Or am I such a victim of love lost?

The answer is there…..when will it show it’s self?

I wait…..and I wait……….

Muhammad Ali 24 April 2009

yes.... it is and i like this poem will wait....... after struggle! 10+

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Mariam Khan 27 March 2009

Love your poem could relate to the feeling of your poem. It's Great.

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Maryam Khan

Maryam Khan

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