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Vast as ocean, apart as grains
I could remember...
no songs of love,
no voice of hate

When a heart is broken
with no noise here on earth
but in the skies
That is love!


Youth brings passion
of the way

Words make fresh
When words are flowers
Words define paths
When they are stars

.... had been created!

In the culture
by rituals

Hate me, if you can!

Hate the little star in the skies
When it falls down my eyes

Before you scrape
and erase their marks
when I do read
few letters stick

O Great God! Treat those moments...
A man laughs when...
eyes filled with tears! !

Though, there are scenes in billion
If every eye can read the slogan!

I become pale
leaving my tree
falling to ground
I love my life

Love me, if you can!
Love the hell, I have created!
Love my misfortunes!
Love the ugly face of hatred...

If I open the door...

When, it is knocking

Beyond all times.
He stays.
The space,
and age,

No path... Such paths
I walk, I run
Strings are life
Life is fun

I have
a breath,
a dream,

A poor little girl
with other poor kids
playing in garbage

Mind is like a tree
Questions are leaves
There are thorns on a tree
There are flowers

I am alone
As one two three!
Or we have an aim
In greater unity!

Throw some seeds
Lives are weeds

Every one shouts

This Earth
Becomes pain
When it rains
From the skies

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Vast as ocean, apart as grains
I could remember...
no songs of love,
no voice of hate
So... warm during day
and... cool at night
... you stretched your arm initiating a relation! ! !
in the next moment...
I slipped off your hand...
When I was SAND!


My tired soul
and endless journey
unbearable distance... it is my love!
If this is my life!
I am to die...
split up myself... pieces into pieces
approaching my love
with countless kisses
bleeding fast, screaming loud...
When I am CLOUD!

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Neela Nath Das 10 March 2014

Ali Adamson's poems are very profound.I love reading his write! Best wishes for him.

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Shahzia Batool 19 December 2013

Ali bhai, you have made poetry as your own means of effective communication right to the readers' mind... very good poetry, indeed! ! ! keep writing! ! !

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