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Vast as ocean, apart as grains
I could remember...
no songs of love,
no voice of hate

Heart, Love Tones

When a heart is broken
with no noise here on earth
but in the skies
That is love!

Colours Dispersed...


Youth brings passion
of the way

How Can I Count!

Words make fresh
When words are flowers
Words define paths
When they are stars

Peace Be Upon Him

.... had been created!

In the culture
by rituals

Muhammad Ali Comments

Neela Nath Das 10 March 2014

Ali Adamson's poems are very profound.I love reading his write! Best wishes for him.

5 1 Reply
Shahzia Batool 19 December 2013

Ali bhai, you have made poetry as your own means of effective communication right to the readers' mind... very good poetry, indeed! ! ! keep writing! ! !

7 2 Reply