Breakfast In Bed Poem by Maryam Khan

Breakfast In Bed

Rating: 5.0

This morning I made my mom's breakfast in bed.
I tried to be careful, but burnt all the bread.
I tried to make sure that the coffee was hot,
by boiling the bit left in yesterday's pot.

I charred a few pancakes, and grits.
The sausage, I seared into smoldering bits.
I made her some muffins like miniature coals,
and roasted a package of cinnamon rolls.

I scorched several servings of hamburger hash,
and microwaved bacon until it was ash.
I blackened a bagel, which started to smoke.
The smoke alarm sounded. My mother awoke.

I think she was panicked. Her filled with dread.
I proudly presented her breakfast in bed.
She grimaced, then silently counted to ten,
and asked me to never make breakfast again.

Risha : Ahmed 24 December 2008

Maryam, This one really very funny. You made me laugh!

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C T Heart 04 December 2008

Hi! Maryam, nice to see you here in PH...Welcome to the family! ! ! Great to read your compositions. Keep on writing. A+++

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Dr Kamran Haider 25 November 2008

Hmmm i liked reading it... refreshing as Asif said and rhyming makes the read joyful... Keep writing...

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Aijaz Asif 24 November 2008

what a disastrous breakfast it wud be lol....a very refreshing write with ver good use of rhymes....i liked it, keep up with the good write..thanks 10 rgds asif

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