Armenian Language Poem by Emma Adamyan

Armenian Language

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You could give me a blessing,
You could keep me of freezing,
You could bring many things done,
You could help to find the one,
You could warm me in cold days,
You could show many other ways,
You could flow on my lips like honey,
You could be more precious than money,
You could give me a chance to talk to him...
You could let me catch that special beam,
You could do so much more,
If only I get the score,
First thing I do will be making a poem,
Using every word with the right term...
If I walked enough far,
If I hadn`t lost my grandpa,
If I fought enough hard,
If I had another blood...
How did I get into the limit,
Having such a free spirit?
Shall I ever make a deal,
Shall I ever get the bill?
For hurt is my soul
And for all`s God`s will...

These 24 lines are dedicated to the most tragic date. The 24th of April.

Sylva Portoian 03 December 2011

Wonderful... How many Languages you know? ? ? Typical Armenian

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Craig Mize 16 June 2010

Simply amazon that's all that I can say simply amazon

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Dr.subhendu Kar 30 April 2010

For hurt is my soul And for all`s God`s will..........heart when prays to harvest the moon, but that happens to happen by its own ways, wonderfui write,10+++, thanks for sharing

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jimmy zepp 25 April 2010

What an inspiration! ! ! If you can still think and write so, no doubt you can still talk to Him in your sweet dreams...God bless you for your true Armenian feelings... 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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