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I have been writing poems for about 16 years now and have writing over 400 poems. I like to write poems about life but at the same time I like to write bout love, death, and everything to anything else. I love poets like Emily Dickerson, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes and William Shakespear. I was born in Gainesville Ga back in 1980 at Notheast Georgia Medical Center. My parents Virginia Slaughter and Bradley Mize shaped my creative side along with my sisters and brothers. I currently speak to kids and young teens about dangers of gangs and drugs and a lot of my poems is about those things. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed my writings.

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Broken Dreams 'a Divorce Story'

So many dreams, so many goals, so much potential.
I was suppose to be great, I was suppose to be a success,
I was suppose to something. I was brought up to be a strong man.
These simple problems was not suppose to phase me.
But now every little problem put a little bit of the worlds pressure on
me. I worked hard at everything that I have done. I have put my time,
blood, sweat, & tears into everything good in my life. But in a blink of
an eye everything I worked for was taken away from me. All that it
took was for you my wife of 12 years, the person that said that she
would love me forever, the very woman that told me 'I do.' Decided
that she wasn't in love with me anymore. She took the house, the couch & chairs, the cars, the kids, all of my money, & even the dog.
She left me a broken man, lost with no sense of direction. I was suppose to be better than this. I am suppose to be better than this.
How could I allow one person to hurt me like this, to break me like this?
I was a man with so many goals, so many dreams, so much potential.
Now I'm a man just looking for a way to survive day to day

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Chrysandra Wesley 06 December 2011

misery...more like pain and heartache

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It's a damn shame that people is to blind change for the better than the worst.

Life comes at you at many different ways. Some are factional, some are fictional. Its up to you to decide the difference.

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