Artemis And I Poem by Naida Nepascua Supnet

Artemis And I

Rating: 4.8

She is my favorite, goddess so great
She and I are friends, in my mind I create
I will be her companion in her hunting spree
We will chase in the wilds, the woods maybe

We will bathe in a pool, a pool very clear
Where no mortal could see us, no mortal near
But yes if theres one, then let him vanish
For no one is worth to see the beautiful miss

I will help her protect the children, the women
I will help her call out to bring the soothing rain
We will roam in the woods never stop hunting
And together we'll play running, laughing, shouting

I will be by her side when she shines for the earth
We will watch each mother deliver a new birth
If she smiles when the world pays tribute for her name
I will be much happier witnessing her fame

She is Diana the goddess I love
Tough yet gentle, gentle like a dove
She graces the sky with her ladies in waiting
And charms every man who won't stop admiring

Beautiful goddess who appears in the sky
Never fails to inspire every girl who is shy
A lady so charming, charming far or near
Forever I will love her do you hear do you hear.

Allemagne Roßmann 22 August 2011

She is Diana the goddess I love Tough yet gentle, gentle like a dove Very subtle though philosophical and religious signifance are observed here.Well done.Nice conception.

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Michael Oliver 07 September 2011

There is a music in this poem.It has something of the Brahms Musensohn forgive me it is a long time since I saw this writtten out.You have captured the fresh air of the hunt running through the hair. This is an accomplished piece of verse and writing.

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Edwina Truelove 12 September 2011

A very nice devotional poem, I'm sure Artemis would approve.

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Jhanessa Aiden 13 September 2011

The words created an amazing harmony... I just love how you express the reality of how the goddess inspire women on the last part of this incredible craft, from fantasy to actuality...: D nice work!

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Kenzie Sizemore 25 February 2015

Was good in the beginning, but at the end failed to actually rhyme, and some rhymes did not add up, I suggest re-looking at line couplets 7-8,9-10,11-12,19-20. these are not real rhymes despite that they may either sound similar or have similar endings. my suggestion, unless this is on purpose is to have a rhyming dictionary like RhymeZone with you while you are creating your poetry, also it is good to have a thesaurus in case there is a word that does not rhyme well you might be able to have a similar word that works better. All just suggestions.

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thank you Kenzie for the helpful suggestion sometimes one can't see a flaw, and it is good to know there are those who could help.

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 27 July 2013

good imagery make good poem great works thanks for sharing

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Allemagne Roßmann 08 September 2012

A tribute heart-felt can never be ever better than this one yours...Good application

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Saadat Tahir 01 August 2012

great vivid write....almost from the perspective of eye in the sky... I love Homeric themes and this is done with wit and care.... beautifully written....a lovely ode cheers

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Anhelica Velasquez 23 March 2012

verry nice i admire the work put into this poem. shes a great goddess. amazing and the greek ones have ussually been my favorite also

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Naida Nepascua Supnet

Naida Nepascua Supnet

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