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lips by lips
breath by breath
here we meet
let's forget the rest

A voice..
resonating through the air
tolerating in reverberations and echoes
vibrating at any different levels

when I slept
I found your shadow in the verses
translated a whole alphabets
from the beats of soul that tempestuous

a man with rights
a gun at his side
no reason to fight
act as a cowboy in the past

God creates magmas
Eternal flames
That carved Terra’s face

Longing wings, gone and passed
Weak flapping, will go to pile the sense?
In an obstacles range, will not be lost
Although not one promise, keep eternal - definitely

The mountains
that paint Terra's face
too arrogant to share diction
The sea

this is a story about sweat..

that conceived by mom's prayer
- who make love with misery

That's true..
we grew up together
one father, also one mother
even one blood tree


Sunk in the misguided of the deep sea
Trapped amongst the darkness wave
Whilst the sun denies the morning
And memories come back, despite had been eaten by flame

Stages of skies open
Its curtains is hope that be woven
Sown by the wind spirits
In the blessing of white expanses

heart cried very softly
for the hopes that belied
but soul never want to stop
even if just once to pull over

I'm not a perfect man
nor a rich who have a treasure abound

I'm just a man with a handfuls of feelings..

An incomplete script
more evocative
more challenging
and more interesting

broken mirror, broken mirror
scattered on the floor
consist of thousand faces
from our life pieces

Independence of greatest souls
Freely wander at the horizon ranges
Amongst the expanse of spaces
In the gust of northern winds

Your land emerald equator
treasure barn, star cluster
useless..! !
during prosperity only owned by a handful of people

I am a shadow
that born by the ray
though few that heed

how could to force
when all prevent
how could to berate
if don't understand yourself

sea​​, makes me become a wanderer
like the wind
crossed the doubt and the hope
then lay for a seconds

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I loved poetry since I was a kid and I started writing poetry when I was in junior high school But a lot of my poetry archive that has been lost because basically I wrote just for fun, just for personal consumption most of my poems with the theme of love, but then I started to learn and expand on the themes are more universal I am not a good writer so I would be very grateful if I am given some input, advice or criticism One more thing, I write in my language, the Indonesian language, then I translated it into English in this forum So it is very possible fault wording or meaning of the poems that I posted here because I was less proficient in English I hope my works can be accepted and became the inspiration for my friends who read it)

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Last Kisses For Last Love

lips by lips
breath by breath
here we meet
let's forget the rest
i hug you closer
your hand in my shoulder
fondle my frozen-skin
burning every single inch
our tongues make a sign
our heartbeat write the rhyme
for a second, i mute the time
wander to your deepest mind
hope this moment last longer
no matter if we wake-up the world anger
i'll be stronger, i'll be better
as long as we stay together, forever
until the death come for sure...


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Kelly Linkous 15 August 2013

I like your poetry it is very good.

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Messaoud Allalouche 11 August 2013

I like your peoms and special y this one you have a great talent of writing good luck friend

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Last Kisses is a good poem aburning with the emotions of a young man for his mate

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Ibrahim Ibn Salma 17 December 2012

I like your soul mate poem it has a good image of a romantic setting.

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