As Long As You Got Me Poem by Amber Piercy

As Long As You Got Me

Rating: 5.0

As long as you got me

When love was like a dagger you spoke to me
Only words that I could possibly know
you spoke your words fluently
And with time made my heart grow

You showed me the beauty of life
With all the twists and turns we could handle
But like an ugly knife
Some of the fountain began to crumble

We move like a strong tide
Trying to overcome each obstacle
But even with my arms out wide
The wave had such a strong pull

I have you and I'll always have you and I love this
But some things in life are much more
More than the strongest kiss
Can we possibly even the score

I can't handle this twisted game we're playing
It overwhelms even the strongest of players
But to do it with you is what I'm saying
It makes it so much easier to rip through all the layers

To have each other in this storm is all I need
The other half of my heart and soul
Together we will run with this stampede
And figure it out as a whole

I know life is hard but you got me
To ride together in the lightening and rain
To make it through this insanity
To overcome the love and pain

I love having you by my side
My rock, my love, and my companion
We've gotten through this roaring tide
So we got anything under the sun

A.D. Small
October 13,2017

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: feelings,marriage,emotions,true love,faith,devotion,life,trust,hope,happiness,inner joy,family
Amber Piercy 13 June 2022

Thank you so much

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Loved it…top score, Amber

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Beautiful poem of love and oneness. "I know life is hard but you got me To ride together in the lightning and rain"

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