cortez the dark all seer

As My Dream Fade Away Life Grin - Poem by cortez the dark all seer

One day made sword with my heart, One day with that sword I spared the sky from it wound poor out endless lie's, as it rain down all the lie's in my heart and in life, as I droned in sea of lies overcome by the lie's I cream my heart hoping and expecting to die. asking life to let go of my hand, but with a truth clear as day.the truth in my heart that cry out from within. it purity the sea of lie's with the truth that I live for nothing. then as fall deep to the sea truth could feel life hold me grow it holed my hand then I bag it again this time turn the with same sword that wounded the sky that made the sea lie's this time I stab my own heart then light poor out then blacken land turn gray then come to life because from my heart poor not lie's or truth. with this life no longer was just holding my hand toke hold my hand but it polled it taking me to land unseen a world unknown as stand in front the tree of life as the wind soft lee whisper in my ear with grin within this life flower bloomed with in this life we could not live a lie or let it die. deep in blackness of your heart darkness shin's you would never die because you purify the world of it lies within you we see meaning of life. and that we are true lee living because your dream just to die and to die alone then it within my defeat it lifted my head up then it looked in the eye's for first time then sad within you lay the power to make us all feel shame within lay power to show use the way how true lee live. the power to live life free all lie's that tell are self now we can longer sleep in sea lie's that and find peace. the power to put all thing to shame this world wasted on you as you are wasted on use so bare it and all the endless face that ley ahead all the tear's ley unshed because you lost rite to die because you never live a lie as we say with defiance and scream it with glee your dream will stay a dream how rotten just to fade away into sky and be forgotten

As my dream fade away life grin
As it whisper I win
As I say will you ever let go
As whisper in my ear you will never know
As it Hugh me like you all way's say let live let be
As I say do you ever lose?
As it not long as I have you
As minority was forced a pun me

Poet's Notes about The Poem

for you reading [let live let be]=[ don't stress life]=[have fun] so for you reading let live let be that what I all way say it or don't only dammed me now live forever

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 15, 2013

Poem Edited: Thursday, March 14, 2013

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