As My Image Fades Poem by shannon wright

As My Image Fades

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As my image fades
You love my voice
you hate my words
you want me to help
rid you of me

As my image fades
i am the ghost
and you the haunted
how can i free you
from your own past

As my image fades
i can't pry your fingers
from my memory
or force your soul
to untie me

As my image fades
i can't erase my face
from your eyes
or ask your nose
to give up my scent

As my image fades
i can only turn away
add no more fuel
to your fire.
i can only back out
and hope that

as my image fades
so does the pain.

Chinedu Dike 05 February 2018

A witty portrayal of the whimsical and temperamental nature of love, well articulated and nicely brought forth from the heart. Thanks for sharing Shannon.

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Rhiannon Scase 25 January 2008

Truly powerful! How you turn such great emotion into fine art is amazing! Rhiannon*

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Donall Dempsey 18 January 2008

Wow! Powerful stuff! And wonderful construction with all that incremental repetition pushing one over the edge...agghhhh! Who would have thought sadness could be so beautiful. love Donall Donall

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Elya Thorn 16 January 2008

Saying good bye, that's always hard. I love the way you're written this poem! Strong and flowing!

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Robert Howard 08 January 2008

A very powerful, astute and loving description of willed separation.

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shannon wright

shannon wright

stuttgart, germany
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