shannon wright Poems

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Be My Vampire

please be my vampire,
my blood is in these pages.

let my words be your drink

Bury My Name Under Your Tongue

Bury my name under your tongue
the way I will bury yours
because if my name escapes your lips
surely your heart will call out to mine

As My Image Fades

As my image fades
You love my voice

Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts, Think Happy Thoughts

I have to keep reminding myself to forget you.
Forget you and me.
(Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.)
You wanted me to promise to never say it again

*wanting What I Have Vs. Having What I Want

how often have I thought I knew what happiness was?
always in the future, just beyond my reach.
how many times have I arrived at my destination
to realize something is still wanting?


how do I explain to people
that you were my future?
that you are my ex-fiance
and best friend?

A Soldier Comes Home, Home From The War

a soldier coming home
he gets off the bus and looks around
families are being reunited
and lovers are kissing

How Does Love Grow?

How can I live each day as if it were my last
When I haven’t had my first

How can you hold my heart

My heart askew and my brain out of place
I narrowly escape insanity on a daily basis
fuzzy clouds of sorrow and regret
that I lay my head on each night

Drunk And Alone On A Saturday Night

drunk and alone on a saturday night
a few glasses of wine is all it takes
its feels so good to ease the pain
he's thousands of miles away

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