As She Moves Poem by Ernest Makuakua

As She Moves

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As she moves
Wonderful lady from a wonderful place with a wonderful name should i say so with a wonderful name and a wonderful heart i saw as she moves
Heads turn from one side to another
What a beauty!
As she moves...

See as she moves
Dust obey... No she cant get dirty,
As she moves Wind blows slowly What a peacefully gentle breeze
See as she smiles
As her skin blends well and smooth with the sand of our wonderful land
I tell you now This one is from AFRICA

As she moves
The Big five bows as she holds their heads brushes their fur
Africa has this come to existence if it is then i'm thrilled for as she moves
The green, the colorful
The tall the short
Yes! they say

And Her Hazel eyes gazed at the Reaction of those attracted
A quiet sound heard yet so loud
Beautiful as they say
as she moves

But as she moves
His eyes are closed
And as he opens his eyes
Its just a vision....

Oh! Imagination

As She Moves
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: imagination
Inspired By Imagination as you walk and think of that special moment with the one you love and be at your own world with her or him.
Anne Yun 11 August 2016

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, whether it is from Africa or China :) Haha, you picked up your humor again, i laughed, so you are the winner! Cheers!

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Ernest Makuakua 23 November 2016

laughing Thanks Anne Cheers

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Ernest Makuakua 04 August 2016

Thanks for the comment Bro. glad you enjoyed.

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Zwelethu Siwaphiwe Shweni 03 August 2016

Wow I am impressed Bro! And like the 2nd and 3rd stanza

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