Ernest Makuakua Poems

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I Shall Cry These Tears No More

For everything happen for a reason. Blame no one nor yourself accept the changes and challenges within. Cry these tears no more

Africa My Beginning And Africa My Ending <Fusion>

Today I woke up in Africa and as the sun rise in the morning I remembered in Africa I was born and Africa I still live in Africa my beginning Africa my ending inspired by INGOAPELE MADINGOANE

The soil and souls of my mothers and forefathers never knew they would die so young
They never knew probably one day they would be free

What Is Poetry To You

What is poetry to you?
Is it life that will give your life endless possibilities of living?
A list of reasons why you must live?
Is Poetry life?

Black Soul

black soul
sometimes it feels heavy
sometimes hard to go on
sometimes giving up feels like an option

Priceless Queen

Shes expensive no money can buy her shes a priceless queen

shes a lady wonderful beautiful and trustworthy to love
she respects even though you forget to do the same shes my love a priceless queen

Love Criminal Justice

I am the love criminal justice Detective.
Have you been single for almost more than a year?
Thats a punishable crime.

We fight till we get it right,
For the night is too dark to travel without light,
And the love is too tight to be let loose...

A Secrete Admire

Hi there sweetheart
sorry im the messenger!

The angel of life sent me to give you my kind of bad information

Pray Before You Die

You will not experience hunger,
you will not experience hatred,
you will not experience love, but dont worry God has already provided it.

Living Is A Choice

Living is a choice
from the day we are born we make choices the first choice is to live for God has designed you already and gave you breath
living is a choice...

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